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Flushing out sediment build up, pulling children’s toys out of toilets and repairing serious damage to pipes, drains and sewers has been The Relining Company’s bread and butter for over twenty years. Working closing with homeowners and business in and around Port Botany we have built a reputation as prompt, reliable plumbing providers that do the job right!

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Sitting on the northern shore of Botany Bay, Port Botany is one of Sydney’s most historic sites. Port Botany is also one of Australian largest container ports, making the suburb a mix of commercial, industrial and residential areas. This makes pipe relining and blocked drain services in Port Botany tricky, as any plumber needs to intimately understand the different plumbing systems in use across the different sectors and provide reliable, efficient plumbing services every time.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in Port Botany include:


Our Pipe Relining Benefits

When a pipe is damaged or its joins wear out it can take a real toll on your everyday life. Suddenly you can’t use the shower or kitchen sink, your toilet is blocked or there’s water and waste ruining your backyard. In the past fixing this was just as bad, requiring excavation of the pipe so that it can be replaced with a new one.

Today, however, we no longer have to dig out the old pipe. Pipe relining allows us to fix the pipe from the inside by relining the interior walls with epoxy resin. This material hardens against the walls of the existing pipe, repairing the damage without having to dig.


There are many benefits to pipe relining:


  • No need to excavate. Excavation can be destructive to the floor of the home or garden, so not having to dig makes the repair a lot cleaner.
  • A durable, quality fix. Pipe relining is extremely resilient and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years!
  • More affordable alternative. Pipe relining is generally more affordable because it requires less resources and manpower to complete. 

Port Botany Tree Root Damage Repair

Port Botany has some fairly green areas that often suffer from tree root damage to pipes. Some pipes have small existing faults or are not joined together properly, allowing trees to invade the cracks and widen them.


The Relining Company is a specialist at this kind of damage. We start by examining the damage the tree has wrought using a thin camera, then we cut through the roots with a high pressure jet and reline the walls of the pipe to repair it.

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