Phillip Bay Pipe Relining

Phillip Bay Pipe Relining

The Relining Company has been working along the edges of Bicentennial Park and the stunning Yarra Bay for over two decades, making us one of the most experienced plumbing providers in the area, with a reputation as dependable, efficient and high quality pipe relining and blocked drain specialists in Phillip Bay.

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One of the smallest suburbs in the municipality, Phillip Bay is also one of the least dense in terms of population. With a history of residence reaching back to the 1800s the suburb is mostly a residential area with a wide variety of housing types, from villas and townhouses to cottages and low-rise buildings. This variety means that each house has a different plumbing system that needs to be approached individually, and requires experienced pipe relining and blocked drain specialists to get right every time.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in Phillip Bay include:   


Pipe Relining Benefits

A damaged pipe can be a disaster! Not only does it release water and waste, causing damage to the surrounding property, but it also means showers, toilets, sinks and the laundry can’t be used until the issue is fixed. 50 years ago fixing the pipe meant digging it out of the ground, which meant breaking through expensive tiling or a carefully manicured lawn.

Today however we have pipe relining, a completely revolutionary way to repair pipes without having to excavate them. With pipe relining we use a small keyhole to reach the pipe and line the walls with epoxy resin. The resin then sets rock hard, and overlays any cracks, faults or damage, allowing the system to flow with water again.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • High grade repair. Pipe relining is an exceptional quality fix with a life expectancy of up to five decades!
  • Less damage to your home. Pipe relining doesn’t require the excavation of the old pipe, making it far less invasive than pipe replacement.
  • More affordable fix. Pipe relining is often cheaper than pipe replacement because it requires less time and manpower to complete.

Phillip Bay Tree Root Damage Services

As any beachside, leafy suburb in Sydney, Phillip Bay often suffers from tree root damage to pipes. This normally occurs when trees invade the points that hold pipes together and start to grow as they siphon off the nutrients inside. For The Relining Company this is our bread and butter, and we’ve perfected the art of inspecting the damage, removing the roots and repairing the issue all without ever having the dig out the old pipe.


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