Pipe Relining Queens Park

Pipe Relining Queens Park

In the last 20 years we have encountered numerous blocked toilets, hair stuffed drains, grease clogged kitchen sinks and cracked pipes in and around the Queens Park area. We have seen it all, which makes us uniquely qualified to provide expert, reliable and excellent plumbing services every time we go out into the field.

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A little known suburb on the edge of Bondi Junction, Queens Park is one of Sydney’s hidden gems. The suburb also makes part of the Centennial Parklands, a big swath of green through the city’s beating heart. A quiet and unassuming place it nevertheless is a mix of historical and modern residences, which makes having a plumber who understands the local area and has real experience in the field necessary for quality pipe relining and pipe repair services.


The Relining Company’s pipe repair services in Queens Park include:

Our Pipe Relining Benefits

If you’ve walked into your home to find your kitchen flooded or woken up in the morning and your toilet wouldn’t drain then you know what a nightmare a broken pipe can be. In the past the only way to fix this was to dig out the damaged pipe and lay a new one in its place, which involved damaging the garden or floors of the home to excavate the plumbing.

Today however we have pipe relining which allows us to fix broken pipes without removing them from the ground. We simply use a small keyhole to enter the pipe and line the walls with epoxy resin, which is a material that sticks to the walls of the pipe and sets as hard as stone to allow water to flow freely through the system again.


The benefits of pipe relining are:


  • No excavation. Excavation takes a lot of time and can be pretty destructive, which makes pipe relining the cleaner option.
  • Durable. Pipe relining is extremely resilient and has an expected lifespan of 50 years!
  • Affordable. Many people baulk at the thought of a bill for fixing a pipe, however because of the less time and manpower it requires pipe relining can be as little as half the price of pipe replacement.

Queens Park Tree Root Damage Services

As a neighbourhood that borders parkland Queens Parks is often afflicted by tree root damage to pipes, which occurs when a tree goes looking for nutrients and finds small faults in pipes to invade, widening the cracks as it siphons off the nutrients inside and blocking the drain.


This is what The Relining Company excels at, using our combination of experience and pipe relining to go in, clear out the roots and repair the pipe, all without removing the pipe or the tree.

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