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The Relining Company is one of Clovelly’s premier blocked drain and pipe repair experts. Specialising in combining years of experience with the newest technology, our plumbing services are designed to provide quality and efficient repairs for any issue around your property.

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Home to one of the first surf life saving clubs in the world and named after a village in England, Clovelly is one of the nicest little suburbs in Sydney. With a history that reaches back to the early 1800s, it is one of the city’s older residential areas, which also means that its plumbing systems can be old, worn and complex to maintain. This makes having a trusted pipe repair and blocked drain service expert is a must to ensure the health and functionality of your home’s waterways.


The Relining Company has been servicing the Clovelly area for over twenty years and can provide a number of plumbing services including:


Trenchless Pipe Repair

Like many historic suburbs Clovelly is prone to worn and damaged piping. In the past this meant days of work as the old pipe was excavated and a new pipe laid in its place. This would also damage the surrounding area and would create a serious inconvenience for the family.

The Relining Company specialises in trenchless pipe repair, known as pipe relining. This form of pipe repair only requires a small keyhole to reach the pipe, which we then use to reline the walls with a special material called epoxy resin. This material sets to be extremely hard and becomes the new walls of your pipe, repairing the issue without ever having to remove the old pipes.


There are significant advantages to pipe relining:


  • Less damage to your property. With no need to dig pipe relining is a much less destructive choice for your property.
  • Long life expectancy. Not only is it less destructive but it is also a high quality repair with a life expectancy of over 50 years.
  • The cost effective choice. Pipe relining requires less manpower and less time to perform, so it can be up to half the price of pipe replacement.

Clovelly tree root removal and repair

Clovelly is one of Sydney’s leafy suburbs and often has issues with tree root damage to pipes as the plant infiltrates the cracks in the plumbing system to get at the water and nutrients inside.


If The Relining Company suspects that you have root damage we will come in and inspect the pipe using a CCTV camera, we clear out the roots with a high pressure jet and reline the pipes using our hard-setting epoxy resin material for a long lasting repair.


Call 0404 879 929 today to book an expert service with The Relining Company today, Clovelly’s number one pipe repair and maintenance professionals.

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