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Double Bay Pipe Relining & Repair

The Relining Company has been unclogging toilets, repairing pipes and clearing out root damage in Double Bay for over 20 years. The strength of our reputation comes from our years of experience and our willingness to adopt new technologies to ensure that you always get the best service that’s available on the market.

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Named after the two formations of Point Piper and Darling Point, Double Bay is one of Sydney’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. With stunning residences and high end shopping it can often be easy to forget that something as simple as plumbing issues are a really common occurrence in the grand suburb. The Relining Company specialises in dealing with the mix of heritage houses, modern apartments and contemporary refits to provide the services you need to maintain the health and functionality of your plumbing systems.


The Relining Company’s services in Double Bay include:



Specialised Pipe Relining

Traditional pipe repair involved excavating the old, damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. This often came with issues like the difficulty of finding compatible parts and the damage that excavation causes to the residence which then needs to be repaired.

Pipe relining on the other hand is designed to be far less invasive. Pipe relining involves entering a pipe through a small keyhole and then using that opening to reline the existing walls of the pipe with an epoxy resin material which sets into a hard and durable substance that becomes the pipe’s new walls.


There are a multitude of advantages to this technique:


  • Less damage to the home. Pipe relining doesn’t require excavation, which means that it can be performed in a much less destructive way than pipe replacement.
  • Long lasting repair. With a life expectancy of fifty years, pipe relining is a long lasting and durable fix.
  • More efficient in time and cost. Pipe relining takes less hands and less time to perform, saving days of work and often making it half the price of pipe replacement.

Double Bay Root Damage Repair

In neighbourhoods that have a strong connection with nature like Double Bay tree root damage to pipes is common. This is caused by trees infiltrating cracked pipes and widening the damage, creating serious structural issues. This can often be discovered as a result of a blocked drain.


The Relining Company can clear out this debris using a camera and high pressure water lance and then repair the pipe using the pipe relining technique, offering a fast and effective repair to ensure that root damage cannot reoccur.

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