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The Relining Company is one of the most experienced plumbing providers in Dover Heights, providing efficient, high-quality pipe repair and blocked drain services for over 20 years.

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Situated on the edge of a dramatic set of cliffs, Dover Heights is a favourite spot for picnickers and one of Sydney’s most affluent neighbourhoods. With views overlooking both the ocean and Sydney Harbour, Dover Heights has a residential history reaching back to the early 1800s. The mixture of historical buildings and modern estates means that the neighbourhood has a number of different plumbing systems and styles. This makes having a trusted pipe repair and blocked drain service provider, who knows their way around the ins and outs of Dover Heights, vital to maintaining the integrity of your below ground infrastructure.


The Relining Company provides the following services in Dover Heights:



Pipe relining has completely disrupted the way that issues with pipes, sewers and drains are fixed. While traditionally having a cracked or damaged pipe meant that the whole thing would have to be excavated and a new pipe laid in its place, now, pipe relining requires only a small keyhole to enter the pipe and repair it.

This is done by using a thin camera to inspect the damage below ground and then using the small keyhole to introduce a material called epoxy resin into the pipe to line the walls. Once the epoxy resin is in place it hardens and becomes the new walls of the existing pipe, making a durable repair without ever having the dig or excavate.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Quality pipe repair. Life expectancy of the epoxy resin material called Brawoliner is up to 50 years, often making the repair more durable than simply replacing the pipe.
  • No damage to your property. With no need to dig there is no damage to your garden, driveway or floor from excavating the pipe.
  • Save time & money. No excavation also means that the repair takes less time and less manpower to complete, meaning it can be as little as half the price.

Dover Heights Root Damage Services

Tree roots are constantly looking for nutrients and small cracks in your pipes can lead them into your water or sewerage system, where they widen the faults in the walls and can cause serious damage.


The Relining Company first uses a CCTV camera to examine the extent of the problem and then cut through the tree roots using a high pressure jet. Once the roots have been cleared out we reline the walls with epoxy resin for a robust repair.


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