Vaucluse Pipe Relining

Vaucluse Pipe Relining

The Relining Company has been maintaining plumbing systems, repairing pipes and unclogging drains in and around Vaucluse for over 20 years. With a strong reputation for efficient, reliable and high quality work there’s no better place to go to for your plumbing needs.

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Vaucluse is a stunning suburb located on the South Head peninsula. Situated between the Tasman Sea and Sydney Harbour it has some of the best views in the city. It also has a residential history reaching far back into the 19th century making it one of the older suburbs in Sydney. This age, combined with the various architectural and construction styles present can make the plumbing in Vaucluse varied and complex. This makes having the right pipe repair and blocked drain service provider vital to properly maintaining and servicing your homes water and waste systems.


Our pipe repair and blocked drain services in Vaucluse include:


Pipe Relining Benefits

Pipe relining has transformed the way that the industry approaches pipe repairs. In the past a broken or cracked pipe would have been excavated and removed and a new one connected and buried in its place. Today pipe relining provides a more efficient solution by leaving the old pipe in place and relining the walls with a hard setting material called epoxy resin. This epoxy resin sets against the walls of the old pipe, providing a durable fix for the damaged pipe without ever having to dig it out.

The benefits of pipe relining over pipe repair are:


  • High quality pipe repair. Brawoliner, the epoxy resin material used, is made in Germany and has a life expectancy of over 50 years!
  • Less intrusive fix. Excavating the old pipe might seem easy but it often involves digging through a garden, lawn, driveway or floor. This damages the property and requires additional repairs on top of replacing the pipe.
  • More efficient service. Pipe relining requires less time and less labour making it a more efficient and cost effective solution.

Vaucluse Root Damage Services

Vaucluse is a suburb with a lot of foliage, making root damage common in the neighbourhood. Root damage occurs when trees, searching for nutrients, infiltrate small cracks or faults in pipes and then begin to widen them, causing serious structural problems.


The Relining Company has extensive experience in treating tree root damage to pipes. We go in and inspect the intrusive with a camera, clear out the roots with a high pressure jet and then reline the walls of your pipe with epoxy resin.

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