Woollahra Pipe Relining

Woollahra Pipe Relining

At The Relining Company we pride ourselves on quality work, ensuring that every job that we do gets done right the first time. With excellent customer service from contact to finish we ensure that our customers are constantly informed of progress and leave satisfied every single time. With over 20 years servicing Woollahra and the Sydney region, we understand local needs, environment and expectations, making us some of the most experienced plumbing providers in the city.

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An Aboriginal term meaning camp or sitting down place, Woollahra is probably best known for its village like vibe in the middle of the beating heart that is Sydney. A stones through away from both the CBD and the beaches, Woollahra has a residential history that reaches back to the 1800s. However, with history also comes plenty of plumbing issues, which makes having a plumber with a wide range of knowledge and experience a real asset to any homeowner serious about maintaining the health and integrity of their water and waste systems.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Woollahra include:


Our Pipe Repair Benefits

A cracked pipe, drain or sewer might happen with no warning and can do some serious harm to the home or backyard. Traditionally, plumbers would fix this kind of issue by excavating the pipe and then replacing it with a new one, which often caused unavoidable damage to the area that was being dug up.

We are fortunate that pipe repair has come a long way since then, with pipe relining allowing us to repair the damaged pipe rather than pull it out. We do this by using a small hole to enter the pipe and line its walls with epoxy resin, which sticks to the walls and hardens, allowing water and waste to flow unimpeded through the plumbing again.


Pipe relining has a number of benefits:


  • Repair without damage. Pipe relining is a much more sustainable fix, with no need to dig out the old pipe.
  • Extended guarantee. Our faith in the quality of pipe relining allows us to provide a 25 year guarantee on our work.
  • Better investment. Pipe relining is generally more affordable than pipe replacement because of the reduced labour and time it takes to complete.

Woollahra Tree Root Damage Repair

Roots are powerful and can extend far from the centre of the tree when looking for nutrients, which is why pipes that have small faults in them can often become infested and damaged by ranging roots beneath the ground. Woollahran homes often suffer from this kind of damage which is why The Relining Company offers fast and effect root damage repair services that involve clearing out the roots from the pipe and repairing the damage with epoxy resin without ever having to dig.


Require pipe repair or blocked drain services in Woollahra?

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