Pipe Relining Rosebery

Pipe Relining Rosebery

The Relining Company is a highly experienced pipe relining service provider, dealing with any number of pipe relining and repair issues across the Rosebery area. In our 20 years of working in the suburb we have grown a reputation for being reliable and highly knowledgeable at what we do.

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Named after a British Prime Minister, Rosebery has had a mixed history, from a racecourse in the 20s to an army camp in World War Two and then an industrial area in the 60s. Today the architecture of the area is a combination of industrial and commercial buildings, mixed with single storey Federation Bungalows and brand new high density housing. This complex history also means that the plumbing systems are just as complex, making an expert plumbing service provider a must for any work done in the area.


The Relining Company pipe relining services in Rosebery include:

Our Pipe Relining Benefits

Pipe relining has completely transformed the way that we approach pipe repairs. Previously, the only way to repair a broken pipe was to physically replace it, which meant digging through shrubs, gardens, lawns, tiling or concrete driveways. This excavation caused damage which would then need to be repaired after the pipe has been replaced.

Fortunately, today we have a faster, cleaner and less destructive way of repairing broken pipes. Pipe relining works by entering the pipe through a small entry hole and then repairing it from the inside by relining the walls with a material called epoxy resin. The epoxy resin is mixed with a hardening agent and sets against the wall of the pipe repairing the damage.


The advantages of pipe relining are many:


  • Neater fix. Pipe relining only requires a small entry hole making it far cleaner than excavating the whole pipe.
  • Tough repair. Pipe relining is extremely tough, with a life expectancy of fifty years!
  • Affordable service. Pipe relining is as cheap as half the price of pipe replacement because of the efficiencies in time and labour.

Rosebery Tree Root Damage Repair

Rosebery has a high density of bungalows or one story houses, which makes tree root damage to plumbing common in the area. This happens when trees invade pipes to siphon off the nutrients inside, blocking the drain. Our methodology for dealing with this kind of damage is highly effective, including clearing out the roots with a water lance and then relining the inside of the pipe with epoxy resin to ensure that the tree cannot enter the pipe again.

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