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The Relining Company is a specialist pipe repair and blocked drain service provider that has been leading the industry in Sydney through its unique combination of serious expertise and understanding of the newest plumbing technology.

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Situated just a hop away from the city, Eastgardens is known for its fantastic shopping opportunities. However, for the locals it is also a beautiful, green suburb with all the advantages of living in eastern Sydney. The Relining Company has been repairing and unblocking drains in Eastgardens for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in working with the suburb’s mixture of commercial and residential property.


The Relining Company’s pipe repair and blocked drain services in Eastgardens includes:


Eastgardens no-dig pipe repair

Traditionally a cracked pipe or damaged drain was a massive headache, involving the excavation of the old pipe so that it can be replaced with a new one. This often meant having to dig out a part of the garden or driveway, taking time to excavate and then to repair the damage done to the property.

Now, no-dig pipe repair, called pipe relining, only requires a small keyhole to enter the pipe and reline the walls with epoxy resin. This material sets against the walls of the existing pipe and hardens, repairing the cracks with no need to excavate.


The benefits of pipe relining are many:


  • Less damage to property. With no need to dig out the old pipe there is a lot less damage to the property during the repair.
  • Long life expectancy. The life expectancy of the epoxy resin material used is more than 50 years, making it a very durable repair.
  • More affordable repair. Due to the savings in time and less labour required pipe relining can be as little as half the price.

Eastgardens Root Damage Repair

Eastgardens is one of Sydney’s hidden green gems, with plenty of foliage all around the suburb. This makes root damage a common occurrence as trees, in their search for nutrients, find small cracks in pipes to infiltrate and widen, causing serious damage to the plumbing infrastructure.


The Relining Company specialises in repairing this kind of damage fast. We begin by examining the point of infiltration through a CCTV camera and then cut down the roots using a high pressure jet. Once that is done we use our relining technique to repair the walls so that the tree cannot infiltrate the pipe in the same place again.


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