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The Relining Company has been pulling toys out of toilets, unclogging greased up sinks and repairing waterlogged pipes in Little Bay for over 20 years. In that time we have developed a breadth of knowledge and experience that allows us to provide some of the most effective and reliable plumbing services on the market today.

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Famous for its hospital, Little Bay used to be a sanitation camp and quarantine centre in the late 1800s, with residents treated for some pretty serious diseases like bubonic plague and the influenza virus of 1919. Today however, Little Bay is a pleasant beachside suburb, with beautiful blue waters in the summer and an untouched, natural vibe. With this mixture of historical and modern buildings Little Bay requires an experienced plumber who knows the local infrastructure and trends.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Little Bay include:



Little Bay Pipe Relining

Pipe relining has completely changed the way the modern plumbing industry thinks about and treats damaged pipes. Traditionally the only way to fix a pipe would have been to remove it in order to replace it with another one. The process of removal however often means digging up carefully manicured lawns or breaking through tiled floors.

To avoid this, pipe relining has been designed to allow plumbers to fix pipes without removing them from the ground. It works by using a small entry hole in the pipe to reline the inside with epoxy resin. This material is flexible at first but hardens dramatically, repairing the cracks and damaged sections of the pipe.


There are many advantages to pipe relining:


  • Robust pipe repair. Pipe relining is an extremely durable repair with a life expectancy of half a decade.
  • Less invasive fix. Excavating old pipes can be problematic and cause damage to the surrounding property, which makes pipe relining far less destructive compared to pipe replacement.
  • Cost effective. While a high quality and durable solution pipe relining generally takes less time and labour to complete making it significantly cheaper than pipe replacement.

Little Bay Tree Root Damage Repair

In a leafy suburb like Little Bay, tree root damage to pipes is common. This happens when trees invade small cracks or faults in pipes looking for moisture, and then grow causing wider gaps and blockages.


The Relining Company has an effective process for repairing tree root damage. We begin by inspecting the issue with a thin camera from the inside of the pipe, then cut through the roots with a high pressure jet and finally we reline the walls to repair the damage.

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