Malabar Pipe Relining

The Relining Company has been flushing out unpleasant build up and repairing damaged pipes, drains and sewers in Malabar for over two decades, making us some of the most experienced plumbing providers in the area. In that time we have also built up a reputation as an efficient and reliable pipe relining and blocked drain specialist because of our focus on providing high quality services every time.

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Malabar is a beautiful suburb in South Eastern Sydney named after a cargo steamer that shipwrecked off the coast of Long Bay in 1931, and the ship itself was named after a famous spice region in India. With a colourful history as a holiday area, a suburb used for its cheap land and now a stunning neighbourhood for those looking to escape the bustle of Sydney, Malabar requires a firm understanding of the local area to provide effective plumbing services.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Malabar include:



Malabar Pipe Relining

A broken pipe can be a nightmare. Water and waste pouring out, blocked drainage stopping you from taking a shower and damage to the bathroom or backyard as the area becomes waterlogged. What’s worse is that in the past the only way to fix it was to break through the ground and dig out the old pipe.

Today however pipe repair has become a lot less destructive. Pipe relining allows plumbers to fix the pipe without ever removing it from the ground, simply using a small keyhole to reline the interior of the pipe with epoxy resin, a material that sets into a hard inner shell that becomes the new walls of your existing pipe.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • A half-century life expectancy. Relining pipe with epoxy resin is a high quality solution and is expected to last for as long as 50 years!
  • No digging required. No excavation is required for pipe relining which makes it much less destructive to your property.
  • Smaller price tag. Despite the fact that it is a high quality fix, it generally takes less time and manpower than pipe replacement, making it significantly cheaper.

Malabar Tree Root Damage Repair

Malabar is one of Sydney’s green suburbs so trees, and tree root damage to pipes, is pretty common. At The Relining Company we have seen and fixed this problem many times. We first start by inspecting the issue with a thin camera from the inside, then we cut away the roots and finally reline the pipe to repair the damage.


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