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Dependable and honest plumbing services are extremely valuable resources for anyone who has ever had an issue with their pipes, drains or sewers, which is why The Relining Company has invested a significant amount of time and resources into finding better solutions for our clients and making our deep knowledge of pipe relining and blocked drain services work for them


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Named after the book Waverley by Sir Walter Scott, Waverly the suburb is known for any number of things including as being the resting place of Lawrence Hargrave, the stunning War Memorial Hospital and its reputation as the highest point of altitude in the Eastern Suburbs. Its history and the diversity of its architecture means that there is a wide range of plumbing systems fitted in and around the neighbourhood that require expert pipe relining and blocked drain service providers to properly maintain and repair.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services include:


Our Pipe Repair Benefits

When faced with a broken pipe in their home or backyard most people immediately think that the only way to fix it is to excavate the damaged section and replace it with a fresh pipe. This poses obvious problems, including the fact that excavation is inherently destructive to the shrubs, trees, tiles and flooring that stand in the way.

Pipe relining is a fantastic alternative to pipe replacement. It works by using a material called epoxy resin to line the inside of the pipe, overlaying the damage and repairing any faults or cracks without having to dig it out of the ground.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • Repair without excavation. Excavation is the most destructive part of pipe repair, which is what makes pipe relining such a better fix.
  • Superior guarantee. Pipe relining has a long life expectancy which is what allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee on our pipe relining repairs.
  • Better cost savings. Pipe relining is faster and less labour intensive than pipe replacement, making it up to 50% cheaper than the alternative.

Root Damage Repair

Trees are constantly looking for nutrients in the soil and when they come across small cracks in pipes they quickly establish a foothold, damaging the pipe to get at the water and waste inside. This can be a real issue in a green neighbourhood like Waverly, which is why The Relining Company has made root damage repair one of our expert services. This includes diagnosing the issue, clearing out the roots with a high pressure jet and then relining the pipe with epoxy resin to repair it.


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