Millers Point Pipe Relining

Millers Point Pipe Relining

With over two decades of experience in digging through unpleasant blockages and repairing cracked and decaying plumbing in and around Millers Point, The Relining Company has made a name for itself as a high quality, reliable plumbing provider that always gets the job done right.

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Millers Point is named after Thomas Miller a Sergeant in the 73rd Regiment of Foot. Lying side to side with The Rocks it is one of Sydney’s most historical and sought after areas. Today however it is home to some of Australia’s oldest buildings, as well as some of the most cutting edge developments in the country, meaning that an experienced, trusted plumbing provider is a must for anyone looking to have work done in the area.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Miller Point include:


Pipe Relining Benefits

Pipe relining still isn’t widely known or understood outside plumbing circles, but it has completely transformed the way that we approach pipe repair in the industry today. Fifty years ago having a broken pipe was a nightmare. It meant damaging the backyard as you dug out the old pipe, trying to find compatible parts and repairing the damage done through excavation after the replacement is done.

Pipe relining however is designed to allow the old pipe to remain in place, and simply uses a small hole to reach the inside of the pipe and reline the walls with epoxy resin. This material sets as hard as concrete and repairs the walls of the pipe without ever having to dig it out.


The benefits of pipe relining are many:


  • Durable repair alternative. While pipe relining doesn’t replace the old pipe it is still an extremely durable fix, with a life expectancy of 50 years!
  • No digging required. With no digging required there is also less chance to damage your property in the repair process.
  • More affordable fix. While pipe relining is technical and requires the right technology it also takes less time and less labour to complete, making it significantly cheaper than pipe replacement in most cases.

Millers Point Tree Root Damage Services

In a part of the city as old and green as Millers Point tree root damage is common, caused by roots searching for nutrients and invading small cracks in pipes or joins to get at the water inside. At The Relining Company we use a high pressure jet to cut through the roots in the pipe and then use our pipe relining technique the fix the damage to the walls and block any further incursions into the plumbing system by the tree.


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