Pipe Relining Surry Hills

Pipe Relining Surry Hills

The Relining Company has been providing expert plumbing services to Surry Hills for over 20 years, meaning that not only have we come to know the neighbourhood well but we’ve seen it all, from burst pipes to kids flushing objects down the toilet.

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From a shady neighbourhood with a reputation for crime and vice in the early days to a haven of food, chic cafes and green spaces, Surry Hills has changed dramatically over the years. With the first land grants made in the 1790s Surry Hills is one of Australia’s oldest suburbs, with a mixture of townhouses, refurbished factories, warehouses and modern apartment blocks, the designs, and more importantly, the plumbing systems are a mixed bag. This makes an experienced plumber a real asset to anyone looking to have work done on their water and waste systems in the suburb.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining services in Surry Hills include:

Our Pipe Repair Benefits

Pipe repair has come a long way in recent years. Traditionally pipe repair really meant pipe replacement and involved unearthing the broken pipe and laying a new one in its place. Aside from the obvious problems of labour, time and resources, this technique also inevitably led to damage to whatever area of the house was being excavated.

Today, plumbers have invented a technique called pipe relining, which allows them to repair pipes in less time and without excavation. It involves using a small entry hole in the broken pipe to reline the walls with a hardening material called epoxy resin, allowing us to repair the pipe without digging it up.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Trenchless repair. With pipe relining there is no need to excavate the old pipe, making the repair much cleaner!
  • Quality service. Pipe relining has a life expectancy of 50 years, making it a high quality fix.
  • Low cost. The cost of pipe relining can be as little as 50% of pipe replacement because of the savings in time and labour.

Surry Hills Tree Root Damage Repair

Surry Hills is a retreat of green at the edge of the busy city. While a beautiful vista it also means that tree root damage to plumbing is a common occurrence. This happens when tree go looking for nutrients and find faults in pipes, which they then widen to get at the moisture inside.


The Relining Company has made repairing this kind of blocked drain damage their specialty. We use a camera to inspect the damage inside the pipe and clear out the roots with a jet blast, and then we reline the pipe, repairing the damage without excavating the pipe or the tree.

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