Woolloomooloo Pipe Relining

Woolloomooloo Pipe Relining

Effective plumbing services are not only vital to the health of a home but are also very difficult to find. That is why The Relining Company has spent the last twenty years making a name for itself as an honest and dependable pipe relining and blocked drain service provider by doing the job right from beginning to end every time.

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Woolloomooloo, most likely meaning ‘place of plenty’ in the local Aboriginal language, was traditionally a working class area. Recent developments however have turned this suburb into a gentrified and affluent neighbourhood with close access to the city and harbour side. Today the neighbourhood boasts old Victorian terraces alongside modern homes, requiring experienced plumbing providers to understand the difference between the variety of water and waste systems found in the area.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Woolloomooloo include:


Our Pipe Relining Benefits

Most people remain relatively unaware of recent advances in the pipe repair world, believing that when they’ve got a broken pipe, they have to dig up their back yard or break through the flooring of their home to get it replaced.

Pipe relining is a modern and proven alternative to such drastic measures allowing plumbers to repair pipes beneath the ground rather than digging them out and replacing them. This works by introducing epoxy resin into the pipe using a small keyhole and then relining the walls of the plumbing from the inside with this material. This epoxy resin then hardens and becomes the new walls of the damaged pipe.


Pipe relining has a number of advantages over traditional pipe replacement:


  • Repair without a trench. Digging a trench to pull out the old pipe is destructive, which is what makes pipe relining such as superior fix.
  • Long guarantee. Our long guarantee of 25 years for pipe relining reflects our faith in the excellence of technique. 
  • Affordable quality. Pipe relining is extremely affordable and can be as little as half the price of pipe replacement.

Root Damage Repair

Trees have wide ranging root systems that are always on the lookout for nutrients in the soil, which is why when they come across a pipe that can be infiltrated they quickly release their roots into the plumbing system. Woolloomooloo is a tree lined area that often suffers from such damage which makes root damage repair one of our most sought after services. This includes clearing out the roots from the inside of the pipe and relining the interior with epoxy resin to stop the roots from reinvading the same area.


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