How Pipe Relining Can Fix Blocked Sewer Drain Issues For Good

Are the sewer pipes in your home causing issues? Perhaps you can no longer ignore the foul smell coming from your drains, or you’ve read our blog on the signs of a blocked drain, and you’re ticking all the wrong boxes. A sewer pipe is not the most pleasant thing to spend your spare time thinking about, and many homeowners don’t until something goes wrong. Nobody could blame you for wanting a fast, simple solution that will stand the test of time and allow your sewer pipes to flow freely without issue.

Pipe relining is the answer you’ve been looking for to fix your blocked sewer drain issues for good.

The method of relining pipes is exactly what the name implies. The inside of your damaged pipe will be relined and restored to a stronger and more impenetrable state. An epoxy liner is installed to create a new pipe within your old one, covered in a thick resin and cured in place. This results in a fully operational channel without the need for invasive digging or complete pipe replacement.

The ease of pipe relining is one of the main aspects that attracts people, but don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘easy’ means a cheap fix. Pipe relining is proven to be even more effective than complete pipe replacement.

The result of a pipe relining job is a fully functional pipe with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. The relined pipes are 4x stronger than PVC and are impenetrable by tree roots, the biggest culprit for sewer pipe blockages.

The sewer pipes of your home are laid in a strategic maze to promote efficiency and to support a consistent flow of waste, and it is almost a guarantee that these pipes will be under structures, retaining walls, landscaping, and even the home’s foundations. An outdated pipe replacement method would result in thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage, not to mention the cost of replacing the pipe itself. 

With the ability to access and repair your pipe from a single keyhole access point, your plumber can spend their time inspecting the damage with CCTV technology rather than digging trenches and ripping up concrete slabs. Before the pipe was relined, there was a risk that the damage wouldn’t be comprehensively repaired, causing more problems down the line, as the plumber would only remove the damaged section of the pipe.

CCTV inspection and pipe relining go hand in hand, and you can’t have one without the other. This means your pipe relining plumber will inspect every turn and junction of your pipe to gain a prediction for the health and stability of your pipes for years to come.

This health check can provide a huge asset, preparing you for larger repairs or granting the priceless peace of mind that your pipes are in top shape. 

What causes a blocked sewer drain?

One of the first things to figure out when you’ve got a blocked drain issue is which drain is clogged. Sewer drains are the most likely to experience blockages, and they are also the ones that cause the most inconvenience, being inside the home connected to the laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms. Most major blockages will require the help of a plumber to remove the blockage and repair any damage caused by the blockage. 

The most common culprits for blocking sewer drains include:

  • Tree roots – either through a crack in the pipe or, if strong enough, by penetrating the pipe
  • Fats and food – food can swell in the pipe, and fats and oils can solidify, especially in cold weather.
  • Wipes – even if you’re experiencing a toilet paper shortage, never flush wipes!
  • Small objects – wayward toys and foreign objects can get lodged and cause worry.
  • Hair – an accumulation of hair mixed with shampoos and conditioners can cause a troublesome slurry at the bottom of the drain
  • Soap slurry – many mass-produced soaps are made with fats, which can cause a blockage when built up with organic waste. 
  • Concrete or grout – this is an unfortunate issue that can be common in new builds or bathroom renovations.
  • Poor installation – if the drain is installed with a backfall or flat line, the waste will not be allowed to flow correctly, and blockages are inevitable 
  • Sanitary products – tampons and pads should never be flushed as they cannot disintegrate in water. 

A blocked sewer drain is more common than you think and will likely occur throughout the time spent owning your home. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and your plumber will probably have seen it all by the time they get to your job. The good news is that pipe relining has made the repair and prevention of blocked sewer drains more successful, simpler, affordable, and quicker. 

How can pipe relining help?

Pipe relining is a method of repairing cracked or broken pipes from the inside out. Often, a blockage can cause damage to the pipe or in the case of tree roots, enter through pre-existing damage. To remove a blockage, it is almost inevitable that you will need a professional plumber and a jet blaster to see any change. Unlike older pipe replacement methods, your plumber can get right into your pipe with CCTV technology to find even the smallest, most inconspicuous blockage culprits.

Once the root of the issue is discovered (no pun intended), we can target it with a high-pressure water jet blaster to demolish those tree roots or loosen debris for easily flowing pipes. If there is a crack left in the wake of your blockage, we will reline the pipe by inserting a textile liner covered in a thick resin that will be pressed against the wall of your pipe.

Once the liner has hardened and we’ve inspected the pipes again, you will be left with free-flowing, watertight and fully functional pipes that will stand the test of time with a lifespan of 50 years. Your pipes will likely outlast the time you plan to spend in your home, meaning your conversations and household budget can move on to more pleasant topics. 

Pipe relining is the only tested and true method for long-term repair of blocked sewer drains that don’t risk the integrity of your house or lawn. To work with the experts in pipe relining across Sydney, call our team today on 0404 879 929 or book your free consultation here.   

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