Pipe relining – Secrets to make your home structure last a lifetime

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Imagine if there was a way to make your home last a lifetime without having to worry about pesky things like rot, corrosion, leaks and cracked pipes. Believe it or not, there is such a thing – and it’s called pipe relining. Keep reading to learn more!

What is pipe relining and what does it do?

Pipe relining is a method of repairing cracked or broken pipes from the inside, without the need for any digging.

While a relatively new idea in Australia, it has been a tried and tested method for fixing pipes overseas for decades. In most instances, pipe relining is a more affordable choice than replacing the pipe completely, as well as being quicker and more convenient.

Using keyhole technology, the process involves inserting a textile liner into the broken pipe. Basically, it creates a new pipe within the existing pipe. This creates a seal over any cracks and holes, meaning your pipes are once again functional. Pipe relining provides a permanent fix to your broken pipe, and we offer a 35-year guarantee for our work.

Pipe relining can help your home last longer

Pipe relining can help your home last longer

Your sewer pipes play an important role in removing sewage from your home, so you’ll want to make sure they’re in great condition and not leaking.

Water damage can cause havoc on the structure of your home, and like a lot of issues, the sooner you address it the better. The cost of relining work could end up saving you thousands of dollars in renovation and landscaping costs.

For example, if you’re trying to diagnose a pool leak on your property, pipe relining will save you excavation costs if you find out there’s a serious issue with your underground pipes.

The benefits of pipe relining over other methods

You’ve probably heard of other methods of fixing pipes, including pipe replacement, and are wondering what advantages pipe relining has.

Some of the benefits of pipe relining methods over other methods include:

  • Quicker process and more convenient. Your pipes can be relined in under a day
  • Prevents tree roots from growing into your pipes
  • More affordable pipe repair solution.
  • Increases flow capacity of your plumbing
  • Helps keep your pipes clean to avoid calcium buildup

For comparison, here are negatives of complete pipe replacement:

  • The process takes longer.
  • It’s noisy.
  • Can be very messy.
  • Inconvenient due to the above reasons.
  • Will ruin your garden and landscaping.
  • Requires a team of plumbers.
  • Costly labour and tools.

Evacuation can cause complications to the foundation of your home which can be incredibly expensive to solve.

There are situations where a complete pipe replacement is the only option available, however, for most pipe repairs it is an extreme, inconvenient, and expensive solution compared to a pipe relining.

How to know if you need pipe relining.

A drain camera inspecting a sewer

For most of us, we don’t give our pipes a second thought until there is an issue. Though they are out of sight, the tell-tale signs of damaged pipes are easier to spot than you may think. There are signs to look out for that could indicate your sewer pipes are damaged. These include:

Signs of water damage, such as stains, dirty marks, or dampness, in your home.

  • Any warping of paint, vinyl tiles, or other structural oddities.
  • Mould appearing, especially in areas where your pipes are located.
  • Wet patches on your lawn. This can cause the grass to go unusually green or brown.
  • Consistent toilet backups.
  • If you notice any sinkholes on your property.
  • Strange odours either in the yard or in your home.

If you suspect your pipes are damaged, it’s best to take a better safe than sorry approach. This is one of those issues that if left unfixed, the problem will only get worse. The Relining Company offers free inspection and offers obligation-free quotes.

The process of pipe relining

So, you suspect (or know) your pipes are damaged but want to know what exactly will happen when you hire the Relining Company to solve the problem. Here’s a quick step by step rundown to give you an idea of what a typical job looks like.

  1. Pipe inspection and finding the problem

First, we insert a camera down the pipe to get a firm idea of what the problem is and if there are any unforeseen issues. This step will give us a chance to weigh up the problem before giving you an in-depth explanation of your options and our recommendations.

  1. Clear blocked drains and prepare for relining

We’ll use a high-pressure water jet to clear the blocked drain, removing any roots and branches and any other blockages.

If it’s a PVC pipe relining, we’ll also use a high-powered sander to remove any glossy shine from the interior, creating a perfect surface for the liner to seal the pipe.

  1. Inserting The Textile Liner

This is when we insert the Brawoliner textile liner into the defective pipe with the use of air or water pressure. Brawoliner products are environmentally friendly and have a thick resin that is pressed against the pipe wall.

  1. Camera Inspect the Result

Once the liner has hardened, we’ll re-examine the pipeline with our drain camera to ensure the issue has been repaired. Once the job is completed, you can use your pipes again almost immediately.

Pipes are something you can’t just have a quick look to see what’s been done, so we’ll provide you with video evidence of the final inspection, so you can see what has been carried out.

How long does the process take?

Typically, we’ll arrive at 7:30am and prepare the lining and equipment to be ready by 9:00am. Work is complete once the liner has been set, which usually is around 2pm. We will let you know if for any reason this timeframe can’t be met.

How long does relining last?

There are misconceptions out there that pipe relining is a temporary fix compared to pipe replacement. This is not the case. Pipe relining is a permanent solution to damaged pipes. The Relining Company stands behind their work and we promise a 35-year guarantee for every pipe relining job. The Relining Company will provide a follow up inspection of your repaired pipes to assure everything is in good working order.

A happy pipe relining employee helping a happy woman on steps

The Relining Company has developed a reputation for friendly customer service and excellent workmanship. Get in contact with our friendly team if you have any queries about pipe relining or would like to book your free pipe relining consultation.

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