Removing Tree Roots From Drains & Sewers

Repairing Tree Root Damage in Drains & Sewers

The Relining Company has been an expert in drain repair and maintenance for over 20 years, investing in innovative methods of sewers line repair that don’t require excavation, digging up the gardenias in your backyard or breaking through the pavement in your driveway.

Tree roots are a serious, but common, issue that we find affecting Australian homes. Roots are constantly seeking water and nutrients, often finding their way through the joins and cracks between pipes. Once inside the drain they begin to grow causing blockages, cracks and severe damage.

While once a difficult problem to fix, involving excavation and pipe replacement, our services allow us to clean out the roots and repair the pipes without ever having to dig.

What is Brawoliner? 

Brawoliner is a German manufactured material that is used to line your cracked or damaged pipes by inserting it through a “keyhole”. The material is made out of an epoxy resin liner that quickly sets and becomes an extremely durable replacement for your existing drain walls.

This innovative method of drain repair is cheaper and quicker than conventional methods of drain replacement, and guarantees quality for up to 35 years.

How do we repair damage from tree roots?

Repairing damage from tree roots can be done within a day using our simple methodology and quality materials.

First we inspect your pipes. To know exactly how extensive your issue is, it is vital to first inspect your pipes thoroughly to pinpoint where roots have penetrated the structure and the severity of damage to your drains. We use a thin, flexible camera that is inserted into your pipe. Sometimes we have to cut a small “keyhole” for the camera to be inserted, however, we guarantee that it will be returned to its original state once the work is completed.
We clean out the roots from your drain. Once the problem has been identified we use a high pressure jet to cut out the roots and remove any blockages that might have built up over the years.
We install the pipe reliner. With the roots and debris cleaned out of the system we install our Brawoliner material, lining the walls of your existing pipe and covering any imperfection with tough epoxy resin that becomes your new pipe.
We reinspect your drainage system. Once the material has set to become a new pipe we run the camera through the drains again to ensure the quality of our repair.

What makes The Relining Company special?

Brawoliner is the best material on the market. German researched and manufactured, it is held up to the meticulous requirements of European standards testing.
Pipe relining is more cost effective than pipe replacement. Due to the fact that it doesn’t require digging and subsequent repairs, pipe relining can be anywhere up to 50% cheaper than traditional drain replacement methods.
We guarantee the quality of our work. Our works comes with a 35 year quality guarantee, which is well above the industry standard of 7 years.


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The Pipe Relining Team Removing Tree Roots from Drains