Repair Service Providers for a Main Sewer Drain Clog

Repair service options for a main sewer drain clog

If your main sewer drain pipe is blocked, it won’t take too long for you to notice. Raw sewage and wastewater won’t be able to pass through your home’s sewer pipe and into the city’s street sewer pipe.

Instead, sewage will back up inside sewer lines and erupt from a floor drain or lead to continuous toilet clogs. Additionally, you may start to hear your toilet gurgle or, if it’s a severe blockage, your bathtub or shower will fill with wastewater.

If you notice these symptoms, shut off your home’s main water supply and call a pipe repair specialist to asses the problem. Alternatively, you can choose to read more on how to fix clogged sewer drains.

However, in this post, we’ll focus on who provides this specialised plumbing service repair. Keep reading or use the following quick links to find what you need.

Repair service providers for a clogged main sewer drain

If you have a main sewer drain clog, one of these service providers can fix this precarious problem.

  1. Sewer drain repair company. These companies can repair sewer drains that are damaged or broken. A repair method called “pipe relining” is used to rehabilitate the clogged and broken pipe.
  2. Sewer drain replacement company. A replacement company or plumber can replace your sewer drain if it is beyond repair. If you have a sewer drain clog, one of these service providers can help you fix it.
  3. Sewer drain cleaning company. These companies have the necessary equipment to clean out your sewer drain and unclog it. However, this will not get to the root of the underlying problem.
  4. Tree root removal company. If you know tree roots are blocking your sewer drains, a tree root removalist uses a mechanical cutting tool to clear space inside the pipe. While it provides plumbing relief for a short period of time, the roots are likely to grow back into a broken pipe.

Pipe repair vs traditional pipe replacement options

Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever, so a clogged main pipe may require a repair or replacement company to truly solve the problem.

A traditional pipe replacement service provider may seem like the most logical and failsafe company to call for a pipe fix. However, pipe replacement comes with a lot of downsides.

It’s actually best to call a pipe repair or pipe relining company to reline a broken sewer pipe. Let’s look at why…

Disadvantages of traditional sewer pipe replacement

  1. More expensive. The cost of materials, labour, and the excavation process add up quickly. Of these three factors, excavation is the biggest concern.
  2. Unexpected costs. Digging up your property is an unpredictable procedure, as there is a chance there will be unforeseen complications which, you guessed it, aren’t going to be kind to your bank balance.
  3. Requires more time. Underground digging takes time. When you choose traditional pipe replacement methods, there is no guarantee that the task can be completed in one business day.
  4. Pipe replacement is messy. The procedure can ruin your lawn, garden, or flooring. Moreover, traditional methods are time-consuming, with a pipe replacement potentially taking weeks.

Advantages of sewer pipe relining repair

  1. No excavation needed. This is one of the biggest advantage of a pipe relining. Relining is done entirely through one access point on your property.
  2. No unexpected costs. With pipe relining, most of the diagnosis is completed before the work begins. That means, you’ll receive a fair and accurate quote for the cost of relining your drain pipe.
  3. Brand new internal piping. Epoxy resin pipe lining creates a new pipe inside the existing plumbing pipes.
  4. Fastest way to repair pipe lines. The entire procedure takes less than a day. Your sewer lines will be up and running in no time.
  5. You won’t have to clean up after anyone. Because pipe relining uses a single access point to repair a blocked drain, the whole procedure is tidy and low-mess.

Does pipe relining repair broken sewer drains for good?

Yes. Pipe relining is a permanent solution to a broken or cracked sewer pipe. Brawoliner textile liners can last up to fifty years which is longer than the expected lifespan of PVC pipes.

How do I know if pipe relining is the right solution for me?

Our team can come to your home and use a CCTV camera to inspect your pipes and find out what the problem is. We’ll then give you a quote for the pipe relining cost based on what we find during this procedure.

Can pipe relining fix a collapsed main sewer drain?

Yes. Pipe relining methods can fix a partially or even completely collapsed sewer pipe. If required, robotic cutters are used to remove excess pipe debris to get a clear diameter for the pipe relining to take place.

When compared to the costly, time-consuming, and complicated procedure of traditional pipe replacement, epoxy pipe relining is the best long-term solution for fixing broken pipes.

Now that you know who can service your clogged main sewer drain, it’s important to make the best decision for your home or business.

If you’re still not sure which is right for you, head over to our contact us page to request more info or call us at 0488 885 166 to chat about your specific plumbing issue.  

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