The 5 best trees that won’t block your drains

A person in a dress holding a small tree in a pot

So it’s happened again! You’ve got blocked drains, causing big problems for your home and garden. And what is the number-one suspect? Trees!

Not all trees are born equal – some are more likely to invade your plumbing than others. When it comes to planting trees near sewerage systems or water mains you have to be careful. Thankfully, there are some options that are safer than others. We’ll look at each one of these tree options and why they won’t block your drains.

5 Non-invasive trees to prevent blocked drains

1. An apple (tree) a day keeps the blockage away

Apples attached to apple tree branches

The first entry on this list is a particularly tasty one. Small apple trees can usually be planted just a few metres away from your water line. Apple trees look lovely and have the added benefit of producing some extra tasty treats when they’re well cared for.

As long as you’re not trying to flush your apple cores down the toilet (!), an apple tree shouldn’t give you too many problems when it comes to blocked drains.

2. Go fruity with feijoas

Pink feijoa flowers with green leaves

It’s another edible entry for this list – but one you might be less familiar with. Feijoa trees have non-invasive root systems, are incredibly pest and disease resistant AND they produce a delicious fruit of the same name.

Feijoas mix a sharp zest with sweetness to produce a truly unique taste experience. They also drop their fruit once they’re ripe, so you’ll always know when your feijoas are ready to eat. Plant a feijoa tree and reap all the benefits, including not having to worry about blocked drains.

If you don’t have a lot of time to water and prune your garden, caring for feijoa trees is especially easy since they’re so low maintenance.

3. Mellow, yellow – the coastal golden wattle

Golden wattle tree

Show your national pride with a non-invasive native Australian shrub. The Coastal Golden Wattle grows to about 5 metres high and produces an unforgettable display of golden yellow flowers around September.

4. Think pink – think azaleas

Pink azalea tree flowers

Fewer trees and more shrubs but a beautiful option nonetheless; Azaleas are an easy way to add some colour to your yard. Producing a beautiful pink display, azaleas can give your garden the look you desire without creating blockages in your sewers and pipes.

You can also plant azaleas in pots and spread them around your home to colour coordinate your home and your garden.

5. Keep blockages at bay (tree)

Bay tree branches

If you want to keep drain blockages at bay, try a bay tree (see what we did there?). These slow growing trees produce rich green colour and their leaves can be used as a flavouring in cooking. These trees provide great shape and character to any garden.

To make sure that you’re doing everything you can to avoid tree-related blockages, contact your local council to find out where your pipes are sitting. If your pipes are located in a precarious place, ask a pipe relining specialist to inspect the status of your underground piping.

But if you’re done your level best when it comes to responsible planting and you’re STILL suffering from a blocked drain, tree-related or not, you can contact us for a free quote.

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