Blocked toilets what not to flush down the loo

A hand pressing the flush button on a toilet

Ever experienced troublesome blocked toilets that need to be unclogged again and again?

There are reasons for toilets getting blocked up. And toilet blockages occur because instead of toilet paper, all sorts of stuff can be flushed down the loo.

Here’s what not to flush down the toilet – unless you want to create a nuisance.

So, no tampons, no sanitary pads, no wipes of any sort, definitely no nappies – OR anything else. Only toilet paper gets flushed down the loo, or it’s a matter of time before you get a block.

We understand that sometimes you happen to live in a property with blockage issues. Don’t waste money on the products they sell in the supermarket, If you have blocked toilets or drains, contact The Relining Company and get your drains relined with our Brawoliner technology. No digging required – preserve your lawns and pavements.

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