3 Reasons Why Pipe Relining Will Save You Extra Money

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Of all the things that homeowners spend money on, plumbing repairs can feel like the most difficult to stomach. Even more so if misbehaving plumbing has caused flooding, mould, or structural damage in the property. Bad plumbing can quickly deteriorate to become a major problem, and without addressing it quickly – you could be putting your home, budget, and stress levels at risk.

Repairing your pipes has never been simpler or more affordable thanks to new, innovative methods of pipe relining. Without the added cost and turmoil of ripping up your lawn, digging trenches or drilling through the foundations of your home, you no longer must worry about how you’re going to afford to fix an overflowing toilet or blocked sewer pipe.

In choosing pipe relining, you will be saving money in these three ways: 

  1. By avoiding the need to dig trenches 
By avoiding the need to dig trenches 

Sewer pipes often run deep under the surface beneath the foundations of your home or within the walls, so without modern trenchless pipe repair, access to them is very difficult, messy and expensive. Traditionally, a broken sewer line would require digging trenches resulting in ruined landscapes and broken flowerbeds. The cost of digging these trenches and repairing your lawn and garden places your budget at risk of a blowout before the pipes are even repaired. 

Some more extreme leaks caused by large cracks in sewer pipes can result in sinkholes in your lawn. These often begin as luscious green areas, leading you into a false sense of security that the lawn is healthy, however, this is merely a symptom of the sewer waste fertilising the grass. If this is left unchecked, you may find sections of your lawn begin to sink as the moisture below the surface builds and weakens the soil. These sinkholes and foundation issues often need to be addressed by a foundation specialist or professional landscaper experienced with sewer line issues. This could all be avoided by trenchless, no-dig pipe relining. 

  1. By preventing damage
By avoiding the need to dig trenches 

One of the most alarming and potentially expensive results of a sewer pipe that has been left in a state of disrepair is mould growing on the ceiling or the walls. Once the damage gets to this point, it can be very difficult to come back from in terms of repair and budget. Only needing a humidity level of 55% to begin growth, even the smallest crack in your sewer pipe can be sinister enough to encourage mould. 

If the humidity and dampness from a cracked or damaged sewer pipe are allowed to develop within your home, it can result in sinkholes, foundation cracks and structural damage. By treating your sewer pipes with non-invasive and budget-friendly pipe relining from the moment you spot a symptom of a cracked pipe, you will be freeing up your home maintenance budget for more pleasant matters. 

  1. By keeping pests at bay
In choosing pipe relining, you will be saving money in Keeping pets at bay

Rats, mice, insects, and bugs all have one thing in common – they are never a welcome surprise. A broken, cracked, or clogged sewer pipe can be a breeding ground for creepy critters and pests, often attracting them from deep underground and leading them into your home. Rats live in the sewers, and they can make their way into your home through the pipes running behind your walls. With tiny bodies that can squeeze through an opening the size of a coin, getting your sewer pipe cracks repaired becomes more essential than ever to avoid a nasty surprise.

If rodents or insects find their way into your home through cracked sewer pipes, the cost to get an exterminator on top of your pipe repair can be devastating, however, you must deal with the problem as soon as possible. Bugs such as cockroaches and sewer flies can carry certain proteins and allergens that can be detrimental to human health, especially in those predisposed to asthma. Calling an exterminator can be a temporary solution, acting as a band-aid over the problem, yet the larger issue needs to be dealt with to prevent further infestations. Without pipe relining, you will be paying for professional extermination time and time again as bugs, rodents and insects continue to access your home through cracked sewer pipes. 

Protect your budget and your pipes today…

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Plumbing has come a long way, and by spending over 20 years working with trenchless keyhole technology, The Relining Company makes relining simpler and more cost-effective than ever for clients.

Working with world leading Brawoliner pipe relining technology, pipe relining experts can provide solutions that provide a complete fix without digging trenches in your garden or destroying the routine of your home. A cheaper method than traditional pipe repair; pipe relining adds the benefit of protecting your budget from the need to landscape and provides a quick solution to keep pests, mould, and foundational damage at bay. 

Trenchless pipe relining provides a long-term fix by essentially creating a new pipe within your old one. Not a patch or a temporary repair, your relined pipes will perform better than ever and stand the test of time for decades to come.

Using CCTV technology, we can examine the interior piping including all junctions and bends to determine the health of your pipes deep below the surface. The moment you suspect an issue within your sewer line – whether that be in the form of strange smells, a backed-up toilet or suspicious activity on your lawn – our team can visit your property and examine your pipes without leaving a mess or intruding on the beauty of your lawn.

From a surgery-like keyhole access point, The Relining Company can clean and repair your pipes, inflating a tough as nails epoxy liner that will stay in place covering all cracks and damage, for up to 50 years. 

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With a 35-year guarantee on all pipe relining works – it has never been simpler, more cost-effective or accessible to have your sewer pipes repaired and working perfectly. Get in touch with our helpful crew at The Relining Company to book your free consultation today!

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