Signs of a Blocked Drain

The Benefits Of Regular Drain Camera Inspections For Your Home

When it comes to finding and resolving blocked drains, time is of the essence and knowledge is power. This is because an unattended blockage can become a serious problem in no time.

Luckily, your drains are usually nice enough to give you a few warning signs when a build-up has begun. These tell-tale signs are sometimes ignored as a one-off event or are put down to some other cause when actually they are the early signs of what could be a big problem. 

Knowing the more common signs of a blocked drain can help you to identify it faster and get the professionals on the job. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 7 tell-tale signs that you have a blocked drain.

7 signs that a drain pipe is blocked 

Keep an eye, nose or ear out for these signs that something is wrong with your sewage or stormwater pipes, and you could prevent the problem from building up and turning into an expensive mess. 

1. Foul smell 

When a blockage is plaguing your plumbing, it’s really no surprise that it usually causes some bad smells.

The blockage occurs because some debris — be it hair, food scraps or something else — is preventing the proper flow of water. This means stagnant water is mixing with decomposing matter and causing one big stink.

It’s not the most pleasant thing, but at least it can help you identify a blockage before it gets too big. Keep an eye out (or a nose out) for stenches around your drains, including sinks, toilets and showers.

2. Toilet trouble

Forget the plunger because sometimes malfunctions in your toilet don’t have much to do with the system itself but actually point to an underlying issue.

If toilet water is tickling you when you sit down to do your business, then this is one sign of a potential blockage. As well as raising water levels when you flush, ineffective flushing is another sign you’ve got a clog.

3. An overflow ordeal

Leading from our previous points, a water overflow is your obvious next step to identify a blockage. You might find water gathering around the drains in your showers and sink if a blockage has occurred. 

When water is travelling the wrong way, that’s got to be a sign that something is going wrong!

4. The slow drain game

How much can you get done while you’re watching your water drain? If the answer is “more than I used to”, that’s probably not because you’re getting more efficient. Chances are your sinks and bathtubs are emptying slower than they used to because you’ve got a blocked drain.

Once again, you can look to the shower floor for this, too. If it’s acting like it has a plug when it doesn’t at all, that’s probably a drainage issue and a blockage problem.

5. Gurgling noises 

You probably don’t want to use all of your senses to identify a blockage (I would especially avoid taste!), but as well as seeing and smelling the symptoms, sometimes you can also hear them.

If there’s a blockage in your drain, it will usually cause gurgling sounds due to the air being trapped in the pipes. If you’re hearing unfamiliar noises when you drain a bath or sink, or when you have a shower, then this is a sign of a problem. 

6. Standing water

Pools of water in the bottom of the shower, bathtub or a wet floor around waste outlets in the bathroom or laundry can indicate that water is not able to flow out of your sewer drain due to blockages. 

As this will cause you endless hours of cleaning and property damage all over your house, it’s best to address any necessary pipeline repairs as soon as possible.

7. Water backup in another area

If you’re using your kitchen sink and you notice the water level rising in a different fixture, such as a nearby toilet, it’s a sign of cross drainage and that you almost definitely have plumbing issues, likely caused by blocked sewer pipes. 

What causes a blocked drain pipe, and why it needs an immediate fix

Over 80% of all blocked drains are caused by tree roots, grease and other foreign objects. However, the only way to know for sure if a sewer line or stormwater drain has clogs is to have it inspected by professionals who have the proper equipment, such as a CCTV drain camera. If you don’t have an inspection as soon as possible, you could find these problems occurring in your home, including: 

  • Mould and mildew forming
  • Foundation damage
  • Mosquito infestations
  • A leak or rupture of other pipes, even inside the home 
  • Water-borne diseases as water from sewer pipes flows back into sinks and basins.

See our blog on the top 18 types of trees to leave out of your garden if you want to avoid blocked drains. 

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Is relining the solution for your drain pipe block? 

Over 90% of all blocked drains can be cleared with a drain pipe relining. Homeowners might assume calling an emergency plumber is the best course of action. Still, if you’re experiencing any of the above plumbing problems, you likely have drain blockages in your plumbing system. 

Blocked drain pipe relining is a process used to repair damaged or broken drain pipes without digging up and replacing the existing pipes. It is a service that not all plumbers provide as it requires specialised equipment. 

So, if you fancy keeping your landscaping as it is or your pipes are near things such as a pool or other buildings, relining your pipes will save you time and money.  

How is a blocked drain pipe relined, and how much does it cost? 

A blocked or cracked drain pipe often requires excavating all the soil surrounding your pipes so that they can be removed and replaced. However, the drain pipe relining method uses trenchless pipe technology to insert a new liner into the existing pipe, which is then cured and hardened to form a new, seamless pipe within the old one.

After a CCTV drain camera inspection, a high-pressure water blaster clears the pipes. 

The new liner is made from flexible, durable materials that will repair leaks, cracks, holes, root intrusions and other damage caused by corrosion or age.

Block drain pipe relining can be done in as little as a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of the pipe, and it’s a cost-effective and efficient way to repair damaged pipes by eliminating the need for costly excavation and replacement. Learn more about pipe relining costs.

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Who to call if your drain pipe is blocked 

Sydney customers can call us for a free pipe relining consultation or to have us inspect a blocked drain pipe by contacting The Relining Company on 0404 879 929. You can also request a free quote by completing our easy online form

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