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As experts in the plumbing industry, The Relining Company specialises in fixing a broad range of serious drainage issues. With 20 years in the field we have a strong focus on getting the work done quickly and reliably, to let you get back to your normal life as soon as possible.


The sewers in your house are the meeting point of all the waste water that comes out of your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. This means that sewer pipes are under constant pressure and are particularly susceptible to blockages. The most common causes of blocked sewers are:


Tree roots. Penetration of the sewer by tree roots are common, particularly where you have clay pipes with rubber joints installed. This rubber deteriorates over time and allows roots to enter the pipe. If left for too long the leaking water might wash away the surrounding soil and cause the pipe to collapse on itself, meaning acting fast is extremely important to avoid serious complications.


Grease build-up. Build-up of grease within the pipe can cause blockages as fats stick to the walls of the sewer and form into a hard substance.


Foreign objects. Blocked sewers can also happen due to human error, with people commonly flushing objects like nappies, wet wipes or dental floss down the toilet, which get stuck over time and start to impede the flow of water.

Experts in Unblocking Sewers

If you suspect that you have a blocked sewer you need to act fast to avoid collapsing your pipes or damaging them further. Some of the steps that we might take to unblock your sewer include:


Inspecting the obstruction. Using a robotic camera, we inspect the affected area and diagnose the root of the problem, whether its blockages caused by objects, roots, grease or cracked pipes deteriorated by age.


Removing the sewer blockage. Unblocking the drain might simply require using a plunger to evacuate the obstruction, or it might be a little more serious, requiring something heavy duty like a jet blast, acid wash or robotic cutting. Whatever the issue is we are equipped to eliminate it and return healthy flow back into your sewers.


Repairing if necessary. If the pipe wasn’t just obstructed but damaged as well it is vital to repair the break before it can worsen or affect the surrounding area.

Unlike other plumbers, our first option for fixing a broken sewer is not digging up your garden or breaking through your driveway, but rather relining your pipes using an innovative pipe repair methodology.


Trenchless pipe relining uses German Brawoliner technology to permanently reline your pipes and fix most breaks without ever breaking ground. We are so confident of the quality of our work that we issue a 35-year guarantee on all pipe liner repairs.

Why Choose The Relining Company?

We use only the best materials and innovative technology to unblock and repair your sewers quickly and reliably.


We issue a 35-year guarantee on all pipe reliner repairs (where the industry standard for pipe repairs is 7-years).


You don’t pay anything if we find we can’t unblock your sewer.


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