The Cost of Professional Drain Cleaning

Got a blocked drain that’s causing you grief? You could try to unblock it yourself, but failing to completely clear blockages and identify what’s caused them could lead to more severe plumbing problems in the future. Instead, it’s far safer to hire the services of a reliable plumber for your drain cleaning.

Join us as we look into the costs associated with paying for a professional to unclog a drain and why the price can vary. 

Why You Should Leave Drain Cleaning to the Professionals 

Failing to clear a clog properly the first time can result in subsequent clogs in the future. This can potentially cause your home to flood and other parts of your plumbing and pipes to crack, leak, or burst. 

In addition to fixing the drain blockage, a professional can determine what caused it in the first place. Failing to identify the cause of a blockage can cause the problem to worsen and lead to a more costly fix down the road.

If tree roots are causing your drains to block, they can continue to grow and invade your plumbing, causing further damage in the process. A small crack in a pipe that sees sewage debris get caught and cause a blockage, instead of flowing down into the sewer, might be easily fixed by a handy DIYer. However, without a camera inspection by a professional to identify the cause, that small crack can turn into a major (and expensive) problem.  

That’s why drain clearing is best left to the professionals. They can identify why the problem occurred and help prevent it from happening again.  

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Factors That Influence the Cost of Clearing a Drain Clog with Drain Cleaning

The cause and severity of the blockage, its location within the plumbing system and accessibility can all impact how long it can take a plumber to clear a blockage and, therefore, the cost. 

A build-up in stormwater drains and kitchen sinks, for example, can often be easier to access than a clog in a sewer drain. Generally speaking, the more easily accessible the blockage, the cheaper it can be to rectify. A backup in a sewer line, called the mainline because it removes wastewater from your home to the city’s sewer system, can be harder to clear, especially if it requires rooter services to clear tree roots. 

The cause of the blockage can also determine how difficult it is to clear. For example, a build-up of hair, soap, and grease from a bathroom may be easier to flush out compared to a blockage in sewer pipes where toilet paper and other debris catch on pipe joins or cracks. Heavy rain can cause leaves and dirt to block a stormwater drain, which hydro jetting can easily clear, but removing rubbish or foreign objects dropped in toilets poses a bigger challenge.

For these reasons, it’s often more cost-effective to call in a professional with specialised equipment who can clear the blockage and identify the cause. 

How Do Professionals Unblock Drainage Piping? 

Your plumber will use a range of techniques to identify the problem and clear the drain. These can include:

  • A camera inspection
  • Hydro jetting or high-pressure jet blasting 
  • Drain augers or high-speed chain cleaners
  • Drain snakes
  • Chemical acids.
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How Much Plumbers Charge to Unclog Drainage Pipes 

Plumbers rarely charge a flat fee to clear a drainage system. Rather, they charge an hourly rate to allow them to deal with both simple and complex blockages. For example, a blockage in a kitchen drain may be quicker and cheaper to fix than a blockage in a sewer pipe.  

They may also charge for the materials they require or a fee for the use of particular specialised equipment, plus a call out fee. 

You can expect to pay less for unblocking a simple bathroom, toilet, or kitchen sink blockage caused by hair or toilet paper with a drain snake than for dealing with a more complex blockage that requires a CCTV camera inspection, use of a drain auger, or hydro jetting. As plumber fees vary, you should always ask for a price estimate and breakdown of charges before work commences. 

Replacing drainage pipes can cost several thousand dollars, depending on factors such as the extent of the damage and the material of your pipes. However, pipe relining can cost 20–30% less than the cost of traditional pipe replacement methods. Pipe relining is faster and mess-free, and with The Relining Company, our work is guaranteed to last at least 35 years. 

Regular Plumbing Maintenance vs. Pipe Relining Service 

The age of your plumbing and your habits can determine how often your pipes become blocked. However, even homeowners who conduct DIY regular drain cleaning maintenance and have the best habits can find their pipes clogged from time to time. 

Pipe relining is a long-term solution that strengthens your sewerage system against future blockages. It’s a fast and no-mess service, and The Relining Company offers a 35-year warranty on all of our work. However, the lifespan of the material we use to reline your pipes is closer to 50 years. That means you can rest assured your plumbing will continue to work exactly as it is supposed to for many years to come. 

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Tools and Equipment to Fix Your Plumbing Issues for Good

Don’t let a blocked drain damage your property. Call the drain cleaning experts at The Relining Company to learn more about our cost-effective and mess-free methods to clear drains and repair pipes permanently

Our no-dig, no-mess solution to blocked drains is available right across Sydney. If you have plumbing issues that you want fixed fast without having to dig up your whole yard, call Steve at The Relining Company on 0488 885 166 for a free consultation today.

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