How Long Does Pipe Relining Take in Sydney Homes?

As Australia’s oldest city, Sydney presents unique challenges for homeowners when it comes to maintaining plumbing systems. As Sydney homes age, so do their pipes. Pipes laid around tight corners, beneath established landscapes, and inside heritage buildings are just some of the issues homeowners can face.

However, trenchless pipe relining solves many of these pipe repair dilemmas. Let’s look at some of the other plumbing challenges Sydney homeowners face and how quickly and easily a pipe relining procedure can solve those problems.

What is relining, and why is it the best pipe repair solution?

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Pipe relining uses specialised equipment and materials to permanently repair cracked or broken pipes from the inside.

It eliminates the need to excavate, so it’s faster, more convenient, and more affordable than digging up pipes to replace them.

Cut the cost of excavation and home repairs

Traditional pipe replacement techniques require excavation. However, it’s not just your expensive and irreplaceable landscaping being dug up.

If you have a blocked pipe within your home, a regular plumber may recommend removing a wall or ripping up tiles to replace the pipe.

With our pipe relining services, it doesn’t matter where the pipe problem is — under the foundation, driveway, pool, or in the walls — because there is no disruption to the site itself.

Installation benefits last a lifetime

Pipe relining is a no-mess, no-fuss pipe repair solution that can also be used effectively to prevent plumbing problems and protect your property. And it’s designed to last.

The Relining Company offers a 35-year warranty on our pipe relining technology, although the product has a life expectancy closer to 50 years.

Save time and money

With traditional pipe replacement where old pipes need to be dug, your property is without plumbing for the duration of the process.

However, pipe or drain relining can be completed within a matter of hours, so it’s far more convenient compared to a traditional plumbing service.

Pipe relining costs don’t need to factor in excavation, so it can be a more affordable solution compared to traditional plumbing services where you might also need to pay to replace your fence, garden, or driveway.

Why Sydney homeowners choose relining to fix and prevent problems

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Many of Sydney’s inner-city locations are lucky enough to have large, established trees. While they might do a great job of shading our neighbourhoods and greenifying our city, tree roots are one of the leading causes of blockages and cracks in underground pipes.

Pipe relining not only eliminates tree roots, it also prevents them from causing further problems to other parts of the pipe, particularly in sewer pipes. Therefore, pipe relining isn’t just an emergency plumbing solution, it’s also an effective preventative measure in homes with older pipes.

In Sydney’s beachside suburbs, soil interacts with salt water, which can cause pipes to deteriorate. And although people love Sydney’s climate, it can cause corrosion rates to increase.

Pipe relining is an effective method to repair leaks and cracks caused by corrosion and prevent them from causing problems in the first place.

How long does the pipe relining process take?

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Pipe relining can take from as little as 4 hours to 1–2 days. This will depend on several factors:

  • The extent of the damage and what has caused it.
  • The size and length of the pipe that needs relining.
  • What the pipe is made of. For example, PVC or clay.
  • How easy it is to access the pipe.
  • The relining method that’s used. For example, sectional relining for a simple crack or inversion lining to reline the entire pipe.

A breakdown of the pipe liner installation process

  1. Our professional and experienced licensed plumbers perform a camera inspection of the pipes to assess their condition and identify the source and extent of the problem.
  2. High-pressure jets are used to remove any obstruction or debris causing a blockage, such as a tree root.
  3. Pipes are relined using an innovative German-engineered Brawoliner pipe relining technique. A liner is inserted into the pipe and pressure is used to press it to the inside wall. The material is then set to create a long-lasting and durable lining that acts like a new pipe.
  4. A video inspection is performed to ensure the procedure has been successful and our pipe relining specialists will leave you with our 35-year guarantee.

Save time, money, and your garden with pipe relining

The pipe relining process takes a very short amount of time, especially compared to the invasive excavation methods required with traditional plumbing services.

Why mess up your yard when you don’t have to? One of the other big advantages of pipe relining is that it’s a way to permanently fix the problem of blocked sewer drains and pipes and avoid the constant maintenance that comes with homes with older pipes.

Professional pipe relining by licensed, experienced plumbers

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You might wonder how The Relining Company can guarantee our pipe relining solutions with such confidence. Our professional pipe relining specialists are licensed plumbers, experienced in the use of this innovative technology and high-tech materials to give you good-as-new pipes.

We’ve helped customers all over Sydney, from the North Shore to the eastern suburbs, repair pipe blockages and avoid digging trenches in their gardens and driveways, saving them money, and giving them peace of mind.

If you need a plumbing problem fixed without breaking the budget, call us today. We offer competitive pricing and customer service that’s second to none. Phone our team for a quote today on 0488 885 166.

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