Brawoliner Pipe Relining on steep front yard

The Emergence of Pipe Relining as a Plumbing Solution

Pipe relining has revolutionised the plumbing industry with its innovative approachBrawoliner Pipe Relining machine. Historically, a burst or damaged pipe was a difficult and costly problem to fix. After a pipe became damaged, whether by tree roots, shifts in the earth or direct physical impact, repair specialists would need to come in and excavate the pipes. This would involve digging up earth, destroying lawns or breaking through concrete, all to remove the existing pipes and replace them with new ones.

With the emergence of Brawoliner technology, however, repair specialists have a completely new, innovative and non-destructive way of fixing damaged pipes and drains, meaning that they no longer have to go down the costly and time-consuming path of excavation.


How does Brawoliner trenchless pipe relining work?

Plumbing specialists using Brawoliner technology can fix most types of common pipe and drain damage. They start by draining your pipes of any water or sewerage residue and then insert a micro-camera into the pipe to examine the damage. This might involve the creation of a small ‘keyhole’ to be able to reach the pipe.

Once the damage is inspected the specialists will clear out any remaining debris such as sediment, blockages or tree roots that have infiltrated the existing pipe. This is normally done by a high pressure water lance that can cut through most obstructions.

Once the existing pipe is clear, the Brawoliner material (a type of textile coated in epoxy resin) is inserted. The textile is left in place as the epoxy resin hardens into an extremely hard and durable material that replaces the existing pipe walls.

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What is Brawoliner technology?

Brawoliner material was invented in Germany as a way of repairing pipe walls without having to perform excavations. The material is extremely flexible, can line pipes at ninety degree angles and once set becomes a hard pipe with a life-expectancy of up to 50 years.

Brawoliner continues to be manufactured in Germany, owned by the parent company KOB that began as a manufacturer of textiles for the medical industry. This means that Brawoliner is stringently tested to the quality assurance standards of the German medical sector, making it an industry leader in long-lasting and high-quality materials.


What are the advantages of pipe relining?Brawoliner Pipe Relining on steep front yard

The advantages of Brawoliner pipe relining over traditional pipe repair options are manifold:


  • Faster repairs. The repair process for trenchless relining is much faster because it doesn’t require digging or physically removing the old pipe, meaning that it can be performed within a day, as opposed to several weeks.
  • Lower cost. Due to the faster process the fix is on average significantly cheaper than traditional methods.
  • No joins, meaning a more durable repair. Tree root damage is one of the most common issues that causes problems for normal pipes. The tree roots infiltrate the pipes through the small faults where they are joined. Brawoliner on the other hand not only has a 50 years life expectancy, which is higher than most traditional pipes, but is a flexible textile that doesn’t require joins, meaning the tree roots don’t have a foothold to infiltrate the pipe and cause reoccurring damage.
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