Pipe Relining For Many Different Issues

Pipe Relining For Many Different Issues

Many people have never heard of pipe relining or Brawoliner, but this new German technology is faster, cheaper and more durable than traditional pipe repair methods. Gone are the days of digging up and replacing your pipes when breaks or infestations occur. Trenchless pipe repair allows you to simply reline your pipes, without the mess or all the expense. Pipe relining for repair means your pipes are actually stronger than brand new PVC pipe, and it’s fully guaranteed. Best of all, pipe relining can be applied to solve many different issues, including those for strata buildings, residential properties and council pipe system jobs.


Blue PVC pipes on concrete


What Can Pipe Relining Repair?

Pipe relining can repair any damage to the pipe, even if the pipe is missing in some sections. This includes pipes that are damaged or otherwise defective due to:

  • Tree roots
  • Cracks
  • Old age
  • Dislodgement
  • Erosion


Pipe Relining For Strata Buildings

Floor drains, sewers, pipes and stormwater systems are the responsibility of the Owners Corporations in a strata or residential apartment building. Tree roots and debris can easily cause the units to block up, leaving residents unable to use necessary facilities such as the toilets. Pipe relining can help you to avoid the cost of paying continuous bills to have tree roots jet blasted from the building’s pipes. To save the building the additional cost of breaking and resealing a concrete driveway and the inconvenience of not being able to drive in the driveway for at least 3 days. Your specialist plumber can simply reline the pipes for half the cost and finish the job in a single day. No mess, no fuss.


Pipe Relining For Residential Property

Trees and plants in the garden of your home can often cause your pipes to crack and create a blockage. This damage is not always apparent until you experience a toilet blockage or other damage. After jet blasting the pipe to clear the blockage, the affected area can be easily relined to reinforce the PVC and prevent further damage and blockages in the future. This work can save you the ongoing cost of having a plumber come and unblock your drains.


Pipe Relining For Council Systems

A common callout to plumbers from the local council is to investigate why their stormwater system is not flowing correctly or causing water to pool up in pedestrian areas. This puts residents at risk of injury, potential damage to businesses and issues with traffic. Large dislodgement and cracks within the pipeline can cause general debris and rubbish from the community to get caught. Relining the pipes is this situation helps to create a smooth run within the pipe, eliminating lips in the joints to prevent this from happening again. 


Pipe Relining In Sydney

For a 25 year guarantee on your pipes using a technology with a 50 year life expectancy, pipe relining is the smarter choice for solving a range of different issues. Get a free pipe relining quote today — call The Relining Company on 04 0487 9929 or fill out our quick online form.

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