Commercial Project

Barnwell Golf Club

Barnwell Park Golf Club

About the Project:

The local golf club in Canada Bay situated in the inner west had ongoing blocked pipes within the women’s bathroom every month. They were constantly spending money on plumbers to attend and unblock the toilet which always seemed to be on a weekend when they were at full capacity.

The Problem:

The manager rod onsite got in touch with us to investigate the problem and come up with a permanent solution. We attended to the matter asap and inspected the pipe using a drain camera to find a large crack in the pvc junction which was allowing tree roots to enter the pipes. 

How We Fixed It:

To gain access to the drain we removed the toilet which was easily done as the previous plumber had only siliconed the base down. We then cleaned the pipes using high speed sanding panels to prepare the pipe for the relining process. Using a pre fabricated junction felt we sealed all three sides of the junction which was coated in an epoxy resin to seal the crack. On completion we re installed the toilet and cleaned up. This job was completed in 4 hrs without any disruption to the customers.

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