Commercial Project

Coca Cola

coca cola amatil factory

About The Project

The drains at the Coca Cola Amatil factory in north mead were blocked and overflowing from the floor waste in the production room where they dump large volumes of fluids into the drains. As the factory does not close and operates 24hrs of the day this created production issues with this area being forced to close.

The Problem

Once we unblocked the drain using high pressure water we used a drain camera to investigate the problem and found the original earthenware pipes which service this floor waste were cracked and eroded from the high contents of sugar that get dumped down the pipes.

How We Fixed It

Using our ims robotic cutter we milled away at the collapsing section of earthen ware to restore the pipe back to its original diameter, we then relined the floor waste gully to seal the pipe sealing any holes and cracks using a chemical resistant liner, this was done to avoid excavation in the area which would only not have been timely and messy causing hazards it also saved production lines and machinery from having to be removed.

Watch our video below to see the process…

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