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The Sydney water responsibility?

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Excavating a public road or public footpath to replace your private wastewater pipes can be an expensive job that most people don’t budget for. 

From 1 July 2015, Sydney Water may be able to help with this problem.

Does your plumber suspect your private sewer service has collapsed? 

Your plumber believes they have found a collapse in your private wastewater service, and to repair your service they need to excavate a public road or public footpath to replace the collapsed pipe. We understand this can be an expensive and unplanned cost. To help our customers, from 1st July 2015 Sydney Water is offering a service to repair collapsed private pipes located under a public road or footpath free of charge. 

“This service is only available to eligible customers and subject to certain conditions”. 

You do not have to use this service offered by Sydney Water and may use an independent plumbing service provider to do the work. 

What makes you eligible for this service? 

 A private licensed plumber must inspect your pipes and try to clear any blockage.  Your private pipe must be collapsed. This can be a visible collapse (as seen on CCTV) or a blockage that the plumber and Sydney Water cannot clear.  The collapse must be underneath a public footpath or public road.  Sydney Water must verify and agree with your licensed plumber that replacing the pipe is the only option, and the fault can’t be repaired without excavating the footpath or road. Other conditions may apply.

Who is responsible for maintaining my private wastewater pipes? 

Every property owner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of their private wastewater pipes up to the point where they connect to the Sydney Water main. This point of connection is sometimes outside your property boundary.

To read the full description on the Sydney water website visit here.

Or ask our friendly staff if you are eligible for the Sydney Water Rebate.

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