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What is Pipe Relining?

Interior of a pipe

Most long-term homeowners would be familiar with that sinking feeling of suspecting that a broken pipe is hiding underneath the home. Immediately, images of thousands of dollars, major inconvenience and landscape upheaval spring to mind as the smell gets worse and the problem grows.

Getting the entire pipe fixed or even getting a simple blockage removed can feel like an overwhelming task that may make you want to run from your property.

We are here to tell you – there is an easier, faster, cheaper and cleaner solution.

Pipe relining presents an innovative way to repair cracked or broken pipes from the inside out, keeping the ground intact. The old, busted or broken pipe will function as a new pipe, promoting better flow and preventing further issues.

Pipe relining is a technology that has been available for quite some time but is only recently becoming well known in Australia. It is the perfect alternative to pipe replacement and results in complete repair of the pipes without digging up the concrete, destroying the landscape or bursting the sewer.

As can be determined from the name – pipe relining refers to a method of pipe repair that plumbers can use to reline the interior of pipes making them as good and efficient as new.

This process provides both a short and long term solution that is far easier and more effective than a replacement of the entire system. Plumbers achieve pipe relining by inserting specially designed equipment through the pipes to mimic tubing. When the tube is in place within the damaged pipes, they inflate the tubing until it fills the pipe and covers the damage. The exterior of the damaged pipe is coated with epoxy resin to adhere to the pipe, providing a seamless and durable surface once it has dried and cured.

Pipes are susceptible to damage from tree roots, high pressure, blockages, cold weather and poor installation – all of which can impact or damage your drainage and sewer system completely.

Our pipe relining services can make your broken or blocked pipes work like new without breaking your back or the bank.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

Repairing pipes and sewerage can be an expensive and arduous process. Traditionally, such an event would require digging a deep trench, removing the old, broken, heavy pipes and replacing them with new pipes – destroying your yard, street or nature strip in the process.

This method is expensive in both materials and labour and is far from a perfect option, leaving you with landscaping to fix.

Compared to the traditional methods of repairing drains, pipe relining has some distinct benefits including:

  • No Costly Excavation Elimination of Risk
  • No Pause on Drain Operation
  • No Damage or Destruction
  • No Excavation Mess More Durable and Reliable Function

We are so confident in our pipe relining service, pipe repair, speciality resin and experienced team that we offer a 35-year warranty on all pipe relining jobs, making it the ultimate long-term fix.

In addition to the minimal disturbance to the property, pipe relining can make your pipes run more reliably with greater durability for the future, increasing flow capacity and standing up stronger to high pressures.

What is Involved in the Pipe Relining Process?

Pipe relining must always be completed by a professional with the right tools and equipment. This involves creating a custom felt liner and an inflatable bladder to match the exact specifications of the pipe including bends and intersections.

Once we’re confident that the shape is correct, we soak the felt liner in resin and insert the flat bladder into the pipe. We use a rope to carefully manoeuvre the pipe relining into place via predetermined access points within your pipe. This process ensures we can pull the felt liner and bladder into place inside the pipe without digging or causing unnecessary damage to your property. We use a specialist camera to check our work and ensure the pipe relining is in the right position before inflating the bladder to seal the damage within the pipes, creating a new pipe inside your old one to work more efficiently than ever. This bladder remains until the resin has cured, leaving you with a pipe that is as hard as nails and as durable as can be.

Different types of pipes need different forms of epoxy solution for the pipe relining to have its maximum impact and remain practical for its intended use. For example, if your pipe is for drinking water, we will use a certified, chemical-free solution. We will always select the safest and most reliable products for your relining.

What is Pipe Relining Technology?

Pipe relining is the latest innovative technological solution to rehabilitate damaged drains and sewer lines that run underground. The technology works by placing a patented epoxy lining inside the existing pipe and forcing it to the outer edges of the pipes to form a new shape. This pipe relining method avoids the need for costly, dangerous and damaging excavation while creating a stronger, more efficient and more reliable underground piping system.

Our step-by-step process is simple and begins with a free consultation so we can ensure that our services are the best choice for you, and you can be clear about what to expect moving forward. In order to be able to perform effective pipe relining, the pipes must have some structure left and not be completely damaged by crushing or intense tree root damage. If the pipe is this damaged – it may have to be replaced and our friendly team will be able to make the best suggestions for your situation.

During your free consultation, we will inspect your drain with a long reach camera to investigate the cause of the problem and determine what options are available. Our technology allows us to repair anything from one simple crack to the complete length of the pipe.

Once we’ve determined that we can perform effective pipe relining on your system, the process will flow as follows:

On the Spot Quote

We will provide an obligation free quote with optional interest-free financing

Book your Pipe Relining

If you’re happy to go ahead, our office will secure your deposit and arrange a suitable time for us to do the work

Open Communication

From our SMS on arrival to our thorough on-site briefing and video evidence of the job completed, we keep the lines of communication open every step of the way so you’re never left guessing

Follow Up Support

Once you receive your 35-year guarantee certificate and all payments are finalised we will leave you to enjoy your new pipes. We will remind you to book a follow-up appointment in 12 months time so we can check the health of your pipes and ensure they are working in perfect order.

Click here to book your free consultation today.

Do You Need Your Pipe Relined? We Can Help…

Pipe relining is the modern solution to an age-old problem. Plumbing or drain problems can impact the entire household and can be troublesome when considering costs and repairs.

With our equipment and experience, we can provide a quality repair of your existing pipes without ripping up the concrete or impacting the drainage, finishing the job the same day so you can get back to life. Whether your tree roots have impacted your plumbing or you’re just looking for solutions to repair your old systems – we can help.

For your free consultation and site inspection, simply call our team for the best solutions and a full breakdown of costs on 02 8339 4695 or click here to book online.

You can relax with our no-dig, no mess pipe relining services across Wider Sydney.

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