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Here’s What Some Of Our Customers In The Wider Sydney Area Had To Say


“I booked in time for a free inspection online and had the team show up at 11am on the dot! After using their camera to inspect the pipes they were able to show me the cause of my problem and gave me a quote to repair the damage. All work was completely quickly and without any problems, they cleaned up after finishing and left me with a video recording of the work carried out.”

Christine Arpin, Ashfield


I called The Relining Company for an emergency job in the morning, Steve arrived two hours later and after a quick inspection gave us a quote on the spot. Our pipes were fixed by that afternoon and I even got a USB with before and after videos to show me exactly what the problem was and how it was solved.

Jacob Platt, Hurstville

Sometimes a simple plunge works and fixes your blocked drains problem. But sometimes you need more... What you need when this happens is a professional plumbing service with the tools to get that drain unblocked fast.

Let's face it: when you have a blocked drain, it's hard to get on with your life. You worry that it may overflow or cause a mess while you're away. This could damage your home or cause other problems due to the water back up. Our full-service range is guaranteed to unblock your drain so that you can get on with life.

We are so confident that our services will unblock your drains, if we don't unblock them, you don't pay!


    Our standard Plunge will usually get the job done but if we find more serious problems with our CCTV footage, we will suggest one of the following:


    This high-pressure jet blaster is usually very efficient in unblocking drains.


    With this service, we will inspect your pipes and survey the problem. We will do any pipes that range from 40mm-600mm in diameter.


    With this solution, we apply a high-strength sulphuric acide-based drain opener, this will serve to remove grease, fats, and tree roots.

Need Your Drains Unblocked?

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Free Camera Inspection with every Jet Blast!

Need Your Drains Unblocked?

Request a call back & secure your
$0 call out fee.

Our Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD Blocked Drain Services

If you do get a blocked drain due to a problem with the toilet, sink, or other situation, no matter what the problem, we can help. We start with a general plunge to see if that works. If it’s not enough, we use the jet blast or acid wash, or a combination of the two to clear the obstruction.

  • No Dig Pipe Relining - This technique is a permanent solution to fixing cracked or blocked pipes. It uses German Keyhole technology and allows us to fix your pipes permanently.
  • Robotic Cutting - We use this technique to cut out and remove the blockages or obstructions within the drain (if we cannot get rid of them using the other techniques).
  • Drain Replacements - If all else fails, we will use this solution. But we try to utilise the other methods before resorting to this measure.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

There are many causes for blocked drains. Some of the most common reasons are described below.


Believe it or not, tree roots cause more blocked drains than anything else. This is due to the frequency by which clay pipes were often installed with rubber ring joints. Once the rubber joints started to break down, the drain would leak, allowing tree roots to get in. The tree roots invade the pipes and create problems with drainage.

Grease Blockages

In the case of grease blockages, this often happens when people let grease from food or oils go down the sink. If this becomes a problem, we can apply an ACID WASH to break down the substance of the fats, along with a high-pressure jet blaster.

Flushing The Wrong Things Down The Drain

Another common cause of blocked drains is flushing the wrong things down the toilet. Anything can can cause blockages that are too large for the drain, such as an excess of toilet paper, washcloths, or sanitary items. This is a very common problem when it comes to blocked drains and we have seen this problem quite often.

We advise our customers to only flush human waste and toilet paper to avoid having to spend money to unclog the drain.

blocked drain experts

Need help with Blocked Drains in Eastern Suburbs?

If you have a blocked drain right now, you should act fast to avoid further damage to your plumbing system. Give us a call and we can save you thousands of dollars that could occur due to burst pipes. Don’t ignore the problem as it will only worsen with time. We have the tools and technology to free your drain from the problem.

If your drains or pipes are clogged, call us right now on 0404 879 929 and let our technicians come out and survey your problem today. Clogged drains won’t go away by themselves… but we can help unblock them fast.

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