Cost Factors to Consider for Pipe Relining

No matter how well homeowners and businesses balance their budgets, they can still get caught out with the expenses associated with plumbing problems.

Don’t worry too much, however! When burst pipes, smelly drains, and blocked toilets become a problem, there is a solution and that solution is pipe relining.

This article looks at all the factors that influence the price of pipe relining so that you can have your pipes fixed faster than you can say ‘How much will that cost?’.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining solutions are a method of pipe rehabilitation and repair. Pipe relining is used as an alternative to pipe replacement.

The pipe relining materials used — a liner and epoxy resin — ensure greater durability and longevity of ageing or damaged pipes.

The process is gaining in popularity in Australia as it comes with fewer risks and less inconvenience than the traditional pipe replacement method. If you want to learn more, you can read about the pipe relining process from start to finish.

Pipe Rehabilitation vs Pipe Replacement

When your pipes are drains are overflowing, blocked or nearing the end of their life expectancy, traditional plumbing services recommend pipe replacement. Replacing pipes involves excavation.

This can mean digging up your garden landscaping or concrete driveway in order to replace pipes.

It can come at considerable expense, not just in the replacement but also in repairs to your property following the process.

Many of Sydney’s older homes have clay pipes with rubber pipe joints that have corroded over time. Metal pipe corrosion due to pipe age is also a common problem in Sydney homes.

In both of these instances, trenchless pipe relining is the best way possible to rehabilitate these ageing, problem-prone pipes without the inconvenience and mess of traditional plumbing methods.

Key Factors in Determining How Much Pipe Relining Costs

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Pipe relining costs can vary due to several factors including what type of pipe material is used, the pipe location and whether blockages or something else has caused pipe cracks and plumbing issues.

Pipe Diameter

Pipe diameter is one of the biggest factors in estimating pipe relining costs. Because sewer lines and stormwater drains carry more water, they have a greater diameter than other pipes in your home.

The wider the pipe, the more liner and resin are required to reline it. Therefore, the cost will be higher. However, many other factors also help determine the price of pipe relining.

Pipe Length

The length of the pipe to be relined is another important factor. Repairing sections of the pipeline will obviously be more cost-effective than lining your entire plumbing system.

Again, this is due to the materials required for the job as well as labour costs.

Labour Costs

When it comes to trenchless pipe relining, the experience of the plumbing team and the level of workmanship will vary between companies.

Choosing pipe relining specialists with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality work will save you money in the long run. For example, The Relining Company offers a 35-year guarantee on our work.

Pipe Location, Pipe Depth, and Access

The ease with which our team can access the pipeline on your site can also affect the pipe relining cost.

Access points that are difficult to reach can add to the complexity of the job, and therefore increase the price.

Bends and Junctions

Pipe relining costs are also determined by the number of bends and junctions involved.

Multiple junctions can make the relining work more complex, add to labour costs, and require the use of specialised equipment.

Pipe Damage and Pipe Condition

Another one of the variables we take into consideration is any existing plumbing problem or issue. For example, if a blockage is caused by debris or tree roots, this needs to be cleared before we can reline the pipes.

Broken pipe connections and limescale build-up can also make the pipe relining process more difficult and will affect the price.

The integrity of your pipes and how badly damaged they are also influence pipe relining prices.

While our liners and epoxy resin method can overcome pipe leaks, breaks, cracks, holes, and corrosion, pipe relining is more expensive if a section of your pipeline has collapsed because it requires the use of our robotic cutting service.

Pipe Material and Quality of Pipe Relining Services

Pipe relining cost is also influenced by the materials your pipes are made of. For example, relining metal pipes can be more expensive than PVC pipes.

However, relining a PVC pipe will greatly extend its life expectancy by protecting it from wear and tear.

The type of lining material you choose will also impact the price. The Relining Company uses Germany’s Brawoliner product due to its durability and longevity.

It has been approved by Australia’s WaterMark scheme to comply with rigorous standards.

Therefore, other pipe relining services using inferior products may not be able to guarantee their workmanship for as long as the 35-year warranty we can give.

Pipe Blockage

Price relining costs can be higher if the pipe relining specialist first has to clear obstructions caused by tree roots or debris.

We do this by detecting the problem with a CCTV inspection and using a high-pressure blast of air or water to clear the clog.

This extra work will add to the cost of the pipe relining job, but once complete, the relining process guarantees the efficiency of your plumbing system.

Relining Method

The way in which pipe repairs are conducted — inversion or patch — will also affect the price. The inversion method, which uses an inversion drum to install the resin-impregnated liner, is best used to repair an entire length of pipe.

A patch, or sectional method, best suits a single crack or hole. It’s important to understand what method is required to reline your pipes to help you decide whether pipe relining is for you.

Using advanced technology, such as CCTV inspections, may also add to the cost of relining. However, a visual inspection is the best way to ensure precision.

Financing Options for Pipe Relining

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With rising cost of living pressures, many homeowners and businesses don’t have the budget for an unexpected pipe repair.

However, there are ways to afford the investment of pipe relining without hurting your bottom line.

The first step is to check if your business or house insurance covers blocked drains. Read your policy or call your insurer directly.

The second thing you can do is contact Sydney’s most trusted pipe relining specialists at The Relining Company. Because we understand that not everyone has the money on hand for emergency plumbing repairs, we offer free pipe relining consultations.

We can give you an accurate estimate of pipe relining costs, and we even provide interest-free finance so you can have your pipes fixed now and pay later.

Save Cash and Your Pipes with The Relining Company

Don’t let smelly sewers and blocked drains worry you any longer. Give yourself peace of mind with pipe relining — the smart and affordable solution!

Fix your pipes permanently by calling The Relining Company on 0404 879 929 for an obligation-free pipe relining quote.

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