Pipe Relining: Long-Term Investment For Your Commercial Project

Trenchless Pipe Relining - The Future of Plumbing Maintenance

Deciding on options for your Sydney operation’s plumbing services can be a headache. Understanding the pipe relining process and information about pricing will save you the money and research time spent comparing pipe replacement companies. 

Pipe relining is a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to pipe replacement, as no costly excavation is required. It is a process that involves repairing a damaged pipe by inserting a flexible, epoxy-coated liner into it, resulting in a seamless, jointless pipe within the existing one. You’ll be left with a structurally sound pipe that can last for around 50 years.

The unique nature of your method types and materials means that each pipe relining cost will vary per job. An assessment of the job’s parameters will increase or decrease the quote for our services. In general, the price for pipe relining ranges between $400 to $1000 per metre. 

The Relining Company has over 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured our dedicated in-house team have in-depth knowledge and training, and our reliable expertise comes with a long-term warranty. 

We’ve worked on commercial projects across Greater Sydney. The Relining Company has fixed accidental damage to stormwater drain pipes at Luna Park, blocked bathroom drains at ANZ Stadium, blockages caused by tree roots at the University of Sydney’s St Andrews College, downpipe repairs at UNSW Randwick, and various streets, factories and offices across the city and suburbs.

Commercial Sites

The last thing you want to worry about as the daily pressure of running a business mounts up is a pipe failure. Fortunately, The Relining Company has experience with a wide range of commercial pipe relining services so productivity can operate as usual, including plumbing issues, civil works, industrial buildings and strata buildings.  

With pipe relining, there are fewer risks to your block. Our methods are conducted without the need for digging, so this way, there will be no damage or mess to the surrounding communal landscape, be it the footpath, roads, driveway or yard. Thus, your commercial site will experience minimal disruption and inconvenience, as once the inserted resin cures, your pipes can be operational the same day.

Commercial Plumbers

Expand your business, attract more customers and support your client’s needs with our help. Sometimes jobs are just too big to do yourself! The friendly team at The Relining Company is committed to providing a premium, high-quality service to all clientele for an honest charge. Local plumbers can rest assured the customer will remain yours, with the added benefit of a holistic, full-range service with our pipe lining options.

The Relining Company offers free quotes, has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry and has a strong ethos for customer service. Our technicians are all completely trained with the German-developed and made Brawoliner Relining System, allowing for long-lasting durability for your clients. This installation technique avoids digging up and destroying the garden landscaping. Likewise, for residential jobs, we wear shoe covers and supply floor covering to ensure your customer’s house remains clean and tidy. 

Civil Works

Run into a plumbing problem in your civil project, and your clients have asked you for the solution? No issue. We provide pipe relining services across Sydney for any pipe material, from PVC pipes, copper, cast iron, concrete and victurius clay pipes. Leakscracks, corrosion, holes, dirt and sewage build-up, and everything in between, are an easy fix for our state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

At The Relining Company, we are the experts at complete relining repairs on pipes from 40mm to 450mm in diameter of various lengths. Our services offer the option for sectional repairs and complete inversion recline. We are familiar with council and Sydney water requirements as well. For collapsed pipes, our robotic cutter can grind away at the broken sections of the pipe to re-open the internal diameter. 

With a 50-year life expectancy and 35-year warranty, you’ll find our reline, using industry-leading pipe relining products, will reduce pipe replacement expenses by an average of 20–30%

Industrial Buildings

Accidents happen on construction sites. Tilers blocking floor waste with cement, glue or tiles, tradesmen drilling through pipelines and infrastructure unintentionally… sometimes the problem is only revealed at a project’s completion. Save the unnecessary expense of replacing destroyed pipes with The Relining Company. Our technology, hailing straight from Germany, has durable dual usage that allows us to fix a minor crack, even on difficult access points, or alternatively, a complete pipe relining.

Our staff are trained plumbers and are experienced in working at heights and in confined spaces. Similarly, the use of our robotic cutting technology and high-pressure water jets can remove internal debris. 

Strata Buildings

Blockages and plumbing issues in properties with shared ownership of common areas, like apartment or townhouse complexes, can be a real hassle. Save the noise disruptions, building money and water problems with our strata pipe relining

Our pipe relining solutions include a detailed initial drain inspection using CCTV cameras to note the condition of the pipes and onsite meetings with strata members to explain the process of the pipe relining job. Our services are insured and will be monitored for two years to give owners in strata buildings peace of mind that the repairs were successful and durable.

Whether it is tree roots blocking rainwater pipes or sewer pipe relining, our thorough workmanship is able to ease concerns anywhere. 

The Best People For Your Commercial Pipe Relining Projects

Wherever the location of your property, you can guarantee that The Relining Company are the best people to fix your pipe system.  

We calculate our prices based on the materials and labour costs required for application:

  • A Premium Product: tools including epoxy resin, seamless textile liner and calibration tubing.
  • Imported from Germany: impacting stock levels and price levels at times.
  • Brawoliner Guidelines: all equipment, curing times and preparation for our trained staff to install the liner as specified by the German manufacturer.
  • Access: extra costs if a blocked drain or tree root obscures the pipe, depending on how large the impacted area is.
  • Replacement: on the 1% chance that a provided emergency repair is required if the drain has completely collapsed and water cannot flow.
  • Pipe Diameter and Length
  • Obtaining Permits or Traffic Control

For a more specific insight into how much our service will be, contact us for an obligation-free pipe relining quote and inspection to explain your potential cost.

Furthermore, The Relining Company offers financing through Brighte Capital, which provides finance options so you can get your damaged pipes fixed now and pay later.

If you have any other questions about past projects or quotes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via email or call 0488 885 166.

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