Is Pipe Relining Worth the Cost?

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A Long-Term Quality Fix, not a Band-Aid Solution

Pipe relining is a method used to fix damaged or broken pipes, especially pipes that are underground or in awkward locations. This innovative solution brings a comprehensive fix while avoiding the need to dig underground and cause damage to the cement or landscaping. 

No longer is pipe repair synonymous with catastrophic excavation. Your curbside appeal can remain intact while we get to work making your pipes flow perfectly. 

How Does it Work?

The pipe relining process is simple when executed by trained professionals using the right tools. After exploring with long-reach cameras to inspect the damage – your drain specialist will use a high-strength epoxy resin liner on an inflatable bladder to insert into the pipe and repair the damage from the inside out. 

Once the bladder is in the right place it will be inflated and the solution will mould to the shape of the pipe, conforming to each bend and junction to mimic the exact function of the pipe. Once the epoxy has cured, the pipe will be ready for use again, being stronger than ever and encouraging a stronger and more efficient flow. 

We are so confident in our process and the durability of our resin that we offer a 35-year guarantee, but we know resin to last even longer than this. You will no longer have to be concerned about the function or strength of your pipe, and you can get on with your busy life knowing your water and sewer is flowing how it should. 

A Modern Solution to an Age-Old Problem 

Pipes have been bursting, getting damaged by tree roots or getting blocked by debris since their invention. Typically, a burst or damaged pipe would mean huge disruption to the household and even the neighbourhood. Costing more than just the repair of the pipe, the secondary costs and time expenses would pile up as the need for excavation and wide-scale clean-ups were required for less than a square meter’s worth of initial damage. 

Pipe relining allows plumbers to make the most of the existing pipe and infrastructure, performing noninvasive repairs through a smaller access point. More so, pipe relining creates a strong and durable pipe that is less likely to burst again in future. 

There is a wide spectrum of benefits to pipe relining, which include:

  • Little to no disruption to the drainage 
  • All work is completed in one day, often as little as a few hours 
  • Cost and time-efficient 
  • Environmentally friendly with less waste and fewer resources needed
  • Improved flow and function 
  • Decades-long guarantee on work completed 

The symptoms of a drain issue can include an overflow anywhere in the home along with sinks and toilets that don’t drain, noisy and smelly pipes or cracks in the ground/walls. If your home is many decades old and your pipes are the original fixtures, it would be worth exploring with our noninvasive methods to diagnose any suspected issues. 

If broken pipes aren’t fixed efficiently, they can end up damaged to the point of no repair. Oftentimes, those who call on a plumber to remove a blockage or temporarily fix a leak have a more sinister underlying problem occurring in their pipes. The process of constantly clearing the misbehaving pipes will cause more problems in the long run, resulting in further damage and disruption. 

Pipe relining is a permanent solution that will make every aspect of your plumbing flow more efficiently, as well as cleaner and easier. This will likely result in lower water bills, less risk for rodents or bacteria, and mitigate the need for costly and lengthy repairs down the line. 

Your Local Pipe Relining Professionals are Here to Help 

Our process is simple from the initial free consultation and camera checkup to the final handover of our long-term warranty. Pipe relining is the perfect solution for most piping issues with the exception being a pipe that is completely collapsed with no water flow. In this instance, we can offer an emergency repair to get your pipes working as soon as possible. 

Pipe relining is a worthy investment to avoid the huge expenses of demolition and landscape repair which can grow into the tens of thousands. If your driveway is aged or has a specific colour tone, it may never have the same aesthetic appeal once it’s been ripped up for pipe repair. Our technology is like keyhole surgery compared to an open procedure, where the access point is kept as small as possible but the work inside is just as, if not more, effective and impactful. 

Our booking process is simple and begins with an obligation-free quote. To book, simply click here or call 02 8339 4695. We can appreciate that dealing with any kind of plumbing issue can be overwhelming and daunting, so our process is simple to follow and can be looked over here to give you confidence in moving forward with your booking. 

Fix your pipes and gain peace of mind today with our experienced and friendly crew, top-of-the-line, world-class relining technology, and 35-year guarantees.

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