10 Questions to Choose the Right Relining Company

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The threat of a pipe bursting or drain overflowing is any home or business owner’s worst nightmare story. The temptation is to hire the first plumber or pipe relining company that offers to fix your broken pipe. If you do, you risk paying the pipe repair service provider too much for an amateur job that isn’t a long term fix.

If you’ve just discovered what pipe relining is and are ready to call in this repair specialist to fix your broken pipes, you’ll need to find the best company for the job.

To find the best pipe relining company, we’ve compiled 10 tips you can follow to choose a qualified pipe repair specialist for your home or business. Keep reading for questions you can ask your next pipe lining company.

10 questions to help pick the best pipe relining company

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When selecting a pipe relining company, ask their team a few questions to avoid any costly mistakes down the line. Not all products, resins, technology, or training levels are the same. Unfortunately, there is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ option.

To avoid this, ask you pipe specialist these 10 questions before paying them to rip up your land.

1. Do you offer a free pipe consultation?

Whether you require a residential pipe repair or commercial pipe relining, your technician should perform a thorough consultation before getting started.

During a consultation, a relining specialist will do a total pipe inspection using CCTV technology. These drain cameras inspect pipe bends and junctions you cannot diagnose above ground.

Your technician should consider the long-term health of your entire pipe and the likelihood of further impact from invasive tree roots.

A poor patch up job could end up costing you more in the long run, so always request a detailed pipe inspection from your pipe repair service provider.

2. What technology do you use to fix my broken pipes?

The best available technology for pipe relining comes from an industry leading pipe technology brand called Brawoliner.

Brawoliner® is a German based brand that creates advanced textile liners for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Brawoliner pipe liners are used to repair broken or blocked sewer pipes. The brand also provides optimum equipment and techniques for companies around the world.

Hire pipe relining technicians who use certified, original Brawoliner products and receive guaranteed training from the brand. Otherwise, your pipes may not last long term. 

3. How long have you repaired pipes in this area?

If a relining company is new to your city, they may not be equipped to handle the plumbing nuances of your area. Ask the company how long they’ve been in business in your local region.

If you happen to live in Sydney, visit our sister post on “How to pick the best relining company in Sydney.”

4. What do your reviews say?

For any business, reviews give you the best chance to see a real-life example of how well they operate. Check the pipe relining company’s reviews on Google or Facebook.

Company reviews provide you with a snapshot into their beliefs, customer service, and work quality. This will help you avoid a bad decision or make the right one.

(Psst, check out our five-star reviews on Google from over 100 happy clients)

5. How do you plan to fix the pipe?

Your pipe relining technician should care about your property, landscaping, garden, or driveway as much as you do. It’s important that they avoid underground digging and excavation whenever possible.

Digging trenches to repair blocked drains is not advised if pipe relining is a viable solution. If a plumber tells you that it’s the only repair option, call another pipe expert for a second opinion.

6. What are your pipe repair certifications?

As with any residential or commercial plumber, pipe relining contractors need to be fully licensed to operate.

In addition to a plumber’s license, pipe relining is an intricate process that requires specialist training and further certification. Ensure that your technician is Brawoliner trained and certified before letting them near your blocked stormwater drains

7. Do you use a reliable manufacturer?

Most repairs and installations are only as good as the products used to complete the work, and pipe relining is no exception.

Before booking your relining technician, enquire about what products, technology, and techniques they plan to use. Take notes and research these options to make sure that they’re the top of the line. 

8. Do you have an extended warranty or installation guarantee?

Properly and expertly done pipe relining can last for decades. Any reputable company shouldn’t shy away from offering long term warranties or guarantees.

For example, we’re so confident in our pipe repair methods that we offer a 35-year warranty on all work. 

9. Are your repair materials certified in Australia?

Most materials used in the pipe relining process get manufactured overseas, so it’s important to know that they’re certified for use within Australia.

The Australian Building Codes Board Watermark symbol is the simplest way to identify if pipe materials are certified for use in Australian. It indicates whether these materials are safe and able to withstand our tough climate over time. 

The last thing you want is for the company to have to stop work because of a failed product.

10. What other relining products will you use to fix my pipe? 

There are many different factors that influence a pipe liner’s ability to be effective and long lasting. For example: adhesion level.

The premium and most reliable choice for relining a cracked pipe is epoxy resin. Without the use of this non-toxic, incredibly tough material, there is no guarantee that your pipes will stand up to long term pressure.

Finding the right pipe relining contractor can be a difficult decision, but we hope the above tips help you find the right one.

Do you live in Sydney?

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