How Hard is the Aftercare of Pipe Relining?

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If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to keep your home in good shape while saving money on repairs wherever possible.

Renovation budgets are better kept for new paint jobs and furniture upgrades, not damage from bad plumbing or foundational repairs caused by a leaking sewer pipe. If your pipes need repair, you are likely considering what kind of aftercare is required and if it is hard to maintain, while wanting the quickest solution possible. 

With many expecting the plumbing and sewage systems to work quietly in the background, nobody wants to suddenly enter a new routine of pipe maintenance.

We are here to reassure you that trenchless pipe relining is the comprehensive solution that you’ve been looking for, offering long term results, so you don’t have to think about your sewer lines for years to come.

Thanks to keyhole pipe relining technology and a team built on over 20 years of experience, repairing your sewer pipes has never been so simple. 

Pipe relining explained…

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Pipe relining is an innovative modern solution to an age-old problem. Tree roots, non-flushable items and debris can get clogged in your sewer pipe putting the health of your household at risk. Alternatively, cracks can form after decades of hard work, sending sewage leaching into your yard or home.

The sewer pipes in your property work hard day in day out, often in the background, without needing regular maintenance or much attention.

Before pipe relining, plumbers would have to replace entire pipe systems to mend a small crack or blockage. Nowadays, we can access the issues within your pipe and clean debris using an access point as small as a keyhole. This is called trenchless pipe relining. 

The benefits of pipe relining range from how little impact the process has on your property to how much more life expectancy you can get from your relined pipes. A permanent fix that is non-invasive and effective in both cost and function – pipe relining provides a perfect solution to bring life back into your damaged sewer pipe. 

Aftercare made simple… 

People rarely consider their sewer pipes, expecting them to work in the background with very little afterthought. Often, it’s not until something goes wrong, such as strange smells emanating from below the drains, that people wonder about the health and function of their pipes.

It is this thinking that leads to the determination for very low aftercare and a simple permanent fix so homeowners can continue in a low maintenance relationship with their pipes. 

The good news is that the aftercare post pipe relining is very minimal. Adding up to 50 years to your pipe, trenchless relining solutions are solutions that last. The aftercare of having your pipe repaired used to be more expensive and invasive than the pipe repair itself, with large trenches taking up much of your carefully maintained lawn. With our trenchless no dig technology, this is a thing of the past. 

After examining your pipe with CCTV drain cameras, we will clean the debris, blockages, or tree roots away with jet blaster technology before installing an epoxy liner.

This liner is not a temporary fix or a band-aid solution and is installed and manufactured to stand the test of time. Thanks to the pipe relining process, you can trust that your sewer pipes will do their job for decades to come.

During your follow up drain inspection, we will use our trained eye and advanced technology to grant you the peace of mind that the non-damaged pipe sections are strong or offer foresight for future repairs. If you’re ever in doubt, we are only a phone call away to examine your pipes anew.

A fast solution for long term results…

The process of repairing your sewer pipe is no longer a month’s long project and takes less than half the manpower that it used to.

More importantly, once the damaged section of your pipe is repaired using pipe relining technology, it is likely to last up to 50 years, meaning you will not have to consider the strength of your pipes anytime soon.

In performing pipe repair using trenching and drain excavation, you need to consider labour, tools, materials, and the size of the area needing repair. When it comes to pipe relining, you only need to consider the cost per metre of damage.

Whether you have a simple junction with a small crack, or an entire section clogged tight with tree roots, cleaning the pipe, and repairing the damage using pipe relining technology will always be the quickest and simplest solution.

Most relining jobs can be completed in half a day, meaning your life can continue without disruption. 

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Do you have a damaged pipe? The Relining Company can help… 

We understand that for many people, it can be hard to book something in or decide on repairs when they don’t know what to expect.

If you’ve never heard of pipe relining, you may assume it’s a band-aid solution or will require some upkeep. Our step by step process is tailor made to make your pipe repair experience as simple and straightforward as possible so you don’t have to feel intimidated when your sewer pipes begin to act up.

The Relining Company cares about the long-term function of your pipes, which is why we offer both a 35-year guarantee on our work, and a follow up call 12 months after your relining is completed. We offer a complimentary CCTV inspection at this point to ensure your pipes aren’t under threat of further blockages. 

If you live in Sydney, pipe relining is the only guaranteed way to experience complete pipe repair without mess, costly excavation, destruction of the surrounding landscapes or risk of unforeseen circumstances.

The Relining Company’s quick and easy drain inspections mean that your drains can be functional and operational on the very same day as your relining, so you don’t need to send your guests away or skip your evening routine. 

To book your free consultation with our team, get in touch today or give us a call on 02 8339 4695.

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