Signs That Indicate the Need for Pipe Relining

Did you know that if you’ve had a blocked drain, pipe relining can stop it from happening again and again?

Did you also know that pipe relining can prevent tree roots from thriving in your pipes? And, if you’re planning to renovate your home, it might be a good idea to have your pipes relined first?

This article lists the signs homeowners should look for to ensure their home’s plumbing system is healthy and how pipe relining with The Relining Company can fix these common plumbing problems.

How Pipe Relining Works and its Benefits

Pipe relining is a cutting-edge way to deal with plumbing issues without having to excavate.

Traditionally, broken or cracked pipes had to be completely replaced, which involved digging up your yard and could include tearing up driveways and landscaping.

However, our trenchless technology means you can have your pipes repaired without the need to dig. This means the process is faster, more convenient, and often less expensive.

Best of all, The Relining Company gives a 35-year guarantee on all our work.

Signs You Need Pipe Relining

When it comes to pipes and drains, homeowners should not ignore these warning signs. They are indicators of plumbing problems that, if attended to quickly, can be solved with pipe relining.

If not addressed, these pipe issues can quickly turn into very expensive and messy problems.

1. Regular blockages

If you clear a drain clog only for it to return shortly after, it’s a clear sign you need pipe relining. A blockage can occur for several reasons, including a build-up of debris or damaged pipes.

Tree root invasion can also compromise the integrity of your pipes and even though the roots may have been cleaned from the pipe, temporarily clearing the blockage, the problem will continue unless the pipe is replaced or repaired.

Traditional pipe replacement methods require the excavation of your backyard. In some cases, the pipes may be located under your home’s foundation.

However, pipe relining is a trenchless process that saves money and time. It means inaccessible pipes can be made like new again without disturbing infrastructure in your property or yard such as gardens, driveways, or pools.

2. Foul odour

When a foul smell is coming from your sewer system, it’s often a sign that a broken sewer line is allowing gases to escape.

These gases are toxic and can cause serious health issues. A broken sewer line also poses a risk to the environment if wastewater is allowed to seep into the soil.

If the smell is musty, it can indicate mould and mildew, most likely from leaky pipes.

The dampness that allows these things to thrive also poses a serious hazard to your family’s health.

3. Leaks

If your water bills have suddenly increased for no reason and you notice puddles near your pipelines or water stains around your home, it’s an indication you’re dealing with a leaky pipe.

If not quickly addressed, a cracked pipe can break completely, causing flooding.

Not only will the pipe then need to be fixed, but your home could also suffer major damage.

4. Slow drainage

If you notice a sink or shower drains very slowly, it can be a sign of a blockage.

However, it may also indicate a more pressing problem such as a cracked pipe or a partial collapse due to ground movement or the age of the pipes.

The Relining Company can find the cause of the slow drain with a drain camera inspection. We can also clear the blockage or recommend pipe relining if necessary.

5. Tree root intrusion

Trees don’t have to be large to invade plumbing systems. They can often be many metres away from your home and still cause cracks and leaks in pipes as they seek out moisture.

These cracks quickly turn into blockages. Even once the blockage is cleared, tree root intrusion will persist unless the cracked pipes are repaired.

Pipe relining services create a barrier that tree roots cannot penetrate. This means water flow will return to normal and blockages will be a thing of the past.

6. Ageing pipes

Many homes in the Sydney area still have their original plumbing. Unfortunately, the majority of these pipes are nearing the end of their lifespan and are experiencing rust and corrosion.

Clogs in drains and pipes are cleared using air pressure. In ageing plumbing systems, this air pressure can cause further pipe damage.

Therefore, if your pipes are not in great condition and are at the end of their lifespan, it’s best to install pipe lining before breaks occur or the pipes collapse completely.

7. Unusual sounds

Backups and blockages in your plumbing system can cause bubbling or gurgling noises as water struggles to flow through your pipes.

Other unusual sounds like banging or whistling can indicate that pipes have become loose or begun to deteriorate.

Whether you’re using the sink or the toilet, it’s best not to ignore unusual sounds coming from your plumbing system. Have them seen to be a reputable plumber immediately.

8. Sinkholes

Puddles, settling, or dampness in your yard indicate a serious plumbing issue, such as a pipe leak or collapse.

Sewer or stormwater leaks often lead to soil erosion, which causes dangerous sinkholes.

To prevent your backyard from being unstable and to avoid permanent damage to your home, you must address this plumbing problem as soon as you notice it.

9. Flooding

When pipes and drains are blocked, the water must find a way to escape. Pipes can burst and cause flooding inside your home. The water may also come bubbling back up through sink and shower drains and flood your home that way.

This means that not only will you be dealing with the plumbing issue, but you will also have to pay for expensive repairs to flooring and walls and to replace your belongings.

If you notice a blockage, have it inspected by a plumber before the water has time to back up and cause your home to flood.

10. Before renovations

If you’re planning to renovate your Sydney home, it’s best to have our plumbers at The Relining Company perform an inspection of the plumbing system before work begins.

In most cases, the pipe network in older homes was designed to deal with water from one bathroom, whereas nowadays, we tend to have several toilets and showers in one home.

Ensuring your pipes are in good condition before putting them under extra pressure ensures you won’t have to put up with the disruption of blockages or breaks in the future.

Ready for Free-Flowing Pipes? Let’s Chat!

Ignoring any of the above warning signs means plumbing problems can escalate to the point where the easiest and most affordable solution — pipe relining — is no longer possible.

For example, if the pipes have completely collapsed at several points, it would require a complete pipe replacement that will see your yard torn up and any landscaping or construction in the way damaged or even destroyed.

The Relining Company offers obligation-free pipe relining consultations, so there’s no reason to put off dealing with recurring plumbing problems or aging pipes any longer.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you avoid messy and complicated solutions to your plumbing problems with our state-of-the-art relining technology.

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