Your Pre-Renovation Pipe Checklist

new bathroom reno pipe checklist

Plumbing is often referred to as the guts of the house, as it is responsible for making daily life run smoothly, keeping the family in good health, ensuring overall sanitisation and safety. However, bad plumbing can put not only your home but your entire street at risk and it is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored for long.

Smelly drains in your home, mould, rodents, pooling waste, and even cracks in the foundations are just some of the issues that can come from plumbing that is in dire need of repair. 

The last thing you want to do is to rip up your brand-new flooring because the plumbing underneath needs to be addressed. Sewer blockages can flood the home if left unchecked, with the waste pipe reversing its course all over your freshly tiled new bathroom.

Smelly drains in your home

Even if your renovation plan is for a simple bedroom addition or new cabinetry – there are still plumbing issues that should be considered as an essential part of the process.

A plumbing check before you start any renovation, major or minor, is crucial to safeguard your investment and to get the most from your design. More so, this can allow you to make the most of your renovation period, avoiding further disruption in the future. 

What is a plumbing health checklist?

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It is a common misconception that if the taps are running and the toilet is flushing – then all is well with the plumbing. Various pipes travel through your home, within the walls and under the floors, so the likelihood of your renovation encountering them is high.

The sewer pipes are one of the most important elements of your plumbing, however their location deep underground can make them too easy to ignore.

Some of the quick checks you can do on your sewer pipes include:

  • Check your toilet is flushing properly: If the water is filling the bowl or gurgling instead of going down, your sewer pipes may be cracked
  • Do your drains smell? A well-working sewer will be airtight with only a vent. You should never be able to smell the sewer itself. 
  • Do you have a mould problem? Mould can grow on the walls due to cracked pipes. 
  • Is there waste pooling in your yard? Wastewater should drain away from your yard easily, and if it isn’t – your pipes are likely cracked deep underground. 
  • Are your wet areas draining slowly? Your bathtub draining slower than usual, your kitchen sink clogging or toilet not flushing are all symptoms of a deeper issue in your main sewer drain
  • Have you noticed cracks in the foundations? This may be the reason you’ve decided to renovate in the first place, but if you simply concrete over a slab drain pipe, it will only continue to grow. Check your pipes to ensure they aren’t the culprit. 

Performing a plumbing health check before beginning your renovation can give you the peace of mind that you need to plaster, paint and retile.

If you’re planning on selling your home, your real estate agent will love you for being diligent, attracting potential buyers with your healthy plumbing. 

What to do if you suspect an issue… 

Issues with sewer pipes have a reputation as being one of the trickiest and most expensive plumbing problems there is. Ignored smells emanating from the shower drains or a toilet that won’t stay flushed are problems that will turn into disasters if not addressed and with pipe relining, the solution becomes simple.

Try pipe relining!

Gone are the days when your renovation budget would blow out if you considered the health and function of your pipes, thanks to pipe relining

Pipe relining allows a comprehensive view inside your pipes so you can be armed with knowledge before breaking ground on your renovation. 

Using CCTV drain inspection, we can get right into the nitty-gritty of your pipes, deep below the surface, to either give you all clear to begin your renovation or to discuss what needs to happen to ensure long term pipe function in your home. 

By bringing in the pipe relining professionals, you can have priceless peace of mind that your new tiling will be safe, and your plumbing will be efficient. 

Don’t just improve the surface while letting what is below put your family and your home in harm’s way. Book your free pipe relining consultation with our pipe relining specialists before your next renovation project to ensure your pipes are set up to serve your home into a long and sanitary future. 

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