7 Signs That You Have a Cracked Pipe

Signs of a cracked pipe relining Sydney

It’s not uncommon to leave the maintenance of your pipes to the last minute or to forget that they’re working hard as you go about your day-to-day life.

However, if a cracked pipe occurs and goes untreated, it can be disastrous for the function of your property and the health of your family. The best practice is to understand the signs and symptoms of a cracked pipe.

We’ve listed the seven most common signs of a cracked pipe below so you can get onto the issue straight away and save yourself money, time and effort.

1. Your sewer is backed up with blockages

A sewage blockage or back up is usually caused by an issue somewhere within the pipes. If you experience an unexpected clog when you flush the toilet or if water isn’t going down the drain how it should, the sewage pipes may be cracked and letting soil or tree roots in.

2. Your drains are smelly

A sanitary and well working sewer should be airtight with only a vent to allow the sewage to move downhill. You should never be able to smell the sewer itself in your home. The smells from your toilet and water systems should disappear once drained. If you’re getting odour through the drains, your pipes are likely cracked.

3. There’s mould growing on your walls

Mould only needs 55% humidity to begin growth. If your pipes are cracked behind the wall, they can easily encourage mould, which will likely occur in the patch of the wall or ceiling where the pipes run.

4. Waste is pooling in your yard

The most obvious sign of a cracked pipe is the wastewater pooling in the yard where it should be drained easily.

The problem will be easy to locate and is generally right under the pool of water, but could be caused by your pipes, septic system or main line, and will need CCTV inspection to determine the exact issue.

5. Your home attracts insects or rodents

Certain insects and rodents attract to broken or cracked pipes. Why? Cracked pipes provide an easier route to get into your home.

If you’re finding a need for constant pest control due to infestations of cockroaches, palmetto bugs, flies or rats – the problem may be beginning in your pipes.

6. Your sink drain is slow to drain

A slow drain can be a symptom of a blockage within the pipeline. If your bathtub, kitchen sink or toilet is draining slower than usual, a sewage backup is likely. You may also notice your sink drains start to smell.

Often, over the counter chemicals won’t clear the blockage and can make the issue worse by sitting in the pipe and eating away at the PVC plumbing pipes.

Professional cleaning and pipe relining are the best course of action.

7. Cracks and holes are popping up

The most extreme symptom of a cracked pipe is when the foundations, drywall and settlement of your home begin to crack. Sinkholes can form if the pipes underneath the foundation go untreated for too long and the humidity or leakage is free to develop.

What to do if you think you have a cracked pipe

Any kind of issue with your pipes can be alarming and worrisome, but the repair process is not as difficult, time-consuming or as expensive as you may think. If you suspect a cracked pipe, it’s important to have a professional address is as soon as possible.

Attempting to resolve blocked drains or other plumbing issues yourself can be costly, messy and ill-advised. Often, we find those who tried to fix their plumbing themselves with greater issues than when they started.

With our top-of-the-line trenchless relining processes and products, fixing a cracked pipe is no longer an expensive or intrusive issue. Repairing pipes is no longer synonymous with ruined landscapes and costly renovations or repairs.

Our expert team can use CCTV technology to examine your pipes to give a quick and accurate diagnosis, before using pipe relining technology to repair the pipe from the inside out, forming an indestructible seal.

To get in touch about your cracked pipes today, give us a call on 0404 879 929 or book your free consultation.

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