What impacts the cost of Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a technique for repairing damaged pipes, sewers and drains. It works by using a small keyhole to enter the pipe and reline the damaged area with epoxy resin, which then hardens and becomes the new walls of the existing pipe.


How much does pipe relining cost?Relining Truck and Brawoliner Lindfield

It is difficult to say exactly how much pipe relining costs because each case is so different. This means that each job needs to begin with a professional inspection of the site to assess the situation, and review what factors need to be considered before work can begin. While it is difficult to say exactly how much pipe relining costs, there are some general factors which tend to affect the price of pipe relining which we have included below as a guide.


What impacts the cost of pipe relining?

  • The length and diameter of the pipe that needs to be repaired. The length and diameter of the damaged pipe will dictate the materials that we will need to use. Obviously, the larger the length and diameter, the more epoxy resin material the job will require.
  • A junction needs to be reinstated into the relined pipe. Sometimes a pipe will have other pipes or ‘junctions’ flowing into them, for example the toilet drain joining the main sewer line. When we have to reline the interior of the pipe where a junction is present, the pipe that is joining the damaged section will be blocked off by epoxy resin. So, once the relining is done, some of the epoxy resin wall will need to be removed to reopen the junction or adjoining pipe.
  • The location of the damage. Another important factor in how difficult it is to perform a pipe relining repair is where the damage is located in the pipe, for example a repair along the body of the pipe will be easier than along a satellite junction.
  • How easy it is to access the damaged area. Sometime access to a pipe can be very easy if it has an opening above ground, however, other times it might be buried beneath your backyard or beneath the tiles in your bathroom. This will often require the creation of a small keyhole which may add to the overall cost of the pipe relining.
  • Potential risk factors. While for the most part pipe relining can be fairly straightforward work, sometimes there are significant risk factors that need to be taken into account, for example high temperature or pressure in the pipe, which will require extra care and precautions to do the job right.


What about pipe replacement?The Pipe Relining Team Removing Tree Roots from Drains

Pipe replacement is the traditional way of repairing a pipe, which involves digging out the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. While it is difficult to estimate the cost of the job without reviewing the site, generally pipe relining will be less expensive than pipe replacement. This is mostly is due to the fact that pipe relining doesn’t require excavation of the site. As a result, pipe relining generally requires less labour and time, making it the more cost effective option.

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