Graphic: Blocked toilets? What not to flush down the loo

Ever experienced troublesome blocked toilets that need to be unclogged again and again? There are reasons for toilets getting blocked up. And toilet blockages occur because instead of toilet paper, all sorts of stuff can be flushed down the loo. Here's what not to flush down the toilet – unless you...

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Reasons To Reline Your Drain

So the dreaded moment has arrived. You’ve noticed reduced water flow, increased moisture and some horrible smells around your home. You know that something is wrong with your pipes and that you need to fix it before it’s too late. The problem is, you don’t want...

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Tell-tale signs you have a blocked drain

When it comes to finding and resolving blocked drains and blocked sewage pipes time is of the essence and knowledge is power. This is because an unattended blockage can turn into a serious problem in no time. Luckily, your drains are usually nice enough to...

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Reasons a blocked pipe will flood your home

When it comes to plumbing emergencies in your home there’s almost nothing worse than water leaks. You’ve got a hidden leaky pipe or you’ve left the bath running and before you know it you’re standing ankle-deep in water. As well as being a big inconvenience,...

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The ins and outs of pipe relining

When it comes to our homes and gardens there’s nothing worse than damaged and blocked drains. Damaged drains, pipes, and lines can derail your utilities and have a lasting negative affect on your garden.   If you have had drain damage identified in your garden or around...

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