4 reasons why DIY plumbing goes wrong – and how to fix it

Do-it-yourself is great…except when it’s not. And a blocked drain is no laughing matter.

4 reasons why DIY plumbing goes wrong - and how to fix it 1

It can be dangerous and expensive

Got that blogged gurgle sound? Think it’ll be faster and cheaper to fix it yourself? Think again. Chemical cleaners offer a risk of noxious fumes and chemical burns, especially if you have kids around. Any unqualified plumbing work can make a small problem big, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Professional pipe relining is a technique designed to allow plumbers to repair pipes without having to excavate the old one. With a proven history in the industry pipe relining has now become the preferred way to repair broken drains and sewers.

You can’t see the problem – but we can

To diagnose the condition of your property’s sewer or storm water system we insert a high-tech CCTV drain camera into the affected drain. Using this equipment we can assess the nature of the problem by viewing it via a monitor at ground level. 

“Wait and see” can accelerate the issue

Left untreated, or seeing if your DIY plumbing trick worked, can exacerbate any issues. That can mean smelly drains, growing mould – even the structure of a home can be damaged. Giving the experts a call can get a professional diagnosing the issue, and even fixing it on the spot, saving you time, money and grief down the track.

Toilets are tricky beasts

So you’ve tried plunging, water tank filling and added hot water flushing – none have worked. It’s time to call us. When this is the case, usually there is a problem further along the line unreachable by plungers, either a blockage, tree root or collapsed wall. The Relining Company’s thin camera can probe the pipe interior to determine the cause, and reline the pipe without removing a tile. 

For any blockage issues book a consultation.

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