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Common Causes of Pipe and Sewer Damage in Sydney

Common Causes of Pipe and Sewer Damage in Sydney 1While some parts of Sydney are almost as old as the nation, other neighbourhoods are just a few years or decades old, which means that pipe and sewer damage can come from a wide range of issues. To help identify what might be the root cause of your plumbing problem, here are five common causes of pipe and sewer damage in Sydney:


Rust build up on the walls

With years of use and water, waste and chemicals flowing through the interior, rust can to begin to build up on metal pipes. Rust can eat through the walls, create blockages in pipes and cause cracks, which eventually become much bigger problems. If you’ve never had a plumber over to inspect your plumbing before it can be extremely useful for understanding the state of your pipe and sewer lines and whether any maintenance is required.


Blocked pipes and sewers

Pipes and sewers can become blocked for a long list of reasons including grease blockages, hair build up and objects being flushed down the toilet that aren’t designed to be flushed, like wet wipes. Blockages can cause serious damage to pipes and sewers by allowing water pressure to build up in the pipe and then start to put strain on the walls and joins of the plumbing, sometimes resulting in a leak or rupture.


ANZ Stadium 2Old and decaying pipes

Sometimes the answer is as simple as the pipe is extremely old. In some of Sydney’s more historic neighbourhoods pipes can degrade significantly over time and become worn due to erosion, caused by the acidity of the water and simple physical flow. Once a pipe has become worn, particularly if they are made out of steel, they can become very fragile and even more susceptible to corrosion.


Tree root pipe invasions

Over time the joints holding pipes together can become weaker and start to fail. This is particularly common in terracotta pipes and pipes with rubber joins, which can degrade over time and create a leak, which eventually gives roots a foothold for invasion. Once a tree has made it inside a pipe they can grow very quickly causing greater damage to the infrastructure.


Lack of regular maintenance like pipe reliningRelined Stormwater Drain Lindfield

Regular maintenance of pipes is vital to the integrity of some of the most important infrastructure in your home and without it small problems like blockages and leaks can cause much larger damage, including sewer collapse. While they are often forgotten, your pipe and sewer systems are your home’s heart and arteries and require attention the same way that your body does.

To help maintain the health of your pipes you should have them inspected by an experienced plumber every year or two. If the plumber does find small cracks, deterioration, rust or other issues they can act quickly to repair the damage. Most often they will do this through pipe relining, which is a technique for repairing pipes by relining the walls with epoxy resin, a material that hardens and becomes the new walls of the pipe, repairing any damage without the need to remove the old one.

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