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Alexandria Pipe Relining & Repair

leaking drainThe Relining Company has been innovating pipe relining & repair and blocked drains services in Alexandria for over twenty years. From the use of CCTV cameras to trenchless pipe repair our team has invested heavily in finding better, more efficient ways of resolving pipes, sewer and drainage issues.


Formerly the largest industrial area in Australia, Alexandria has a long history of diverse properties divided between historic houses, reused warehouse structures and contemporary apartment blocks. This means that the plumbing in the suburb is an eclectic mix that takes real experience and industry know-how to navigate effectively. This makes having a reliable pipe repair and blocked drain specialist a must for any project in Alexandria.

Trenchless pipe repair

At The Relining Company we have come a long way since traditional pipe replacement. Traditional pipe replacement involved digging out the damaged pipes and replacing them with new ones. This involved excavation which not only took a significant amount of time but could be quite damaging to the area that was being exposed.

The Relining Company’s pipe repair services employ the innovative technique of pipe relining to make this process more efficient and far less damaging. Pipe relining requires a small keyhole through which an epoxy resin material is introduced into the damaged pipe and relines the walls. This material then sets into an extremely hard substance that becomes the new walls of your existing pipe.


This process has a host of benefits in comparison to traditional pipe repairs:


  • Does not require digging. With only a small keyhole needed to introduce the relining material traditional excavation is not needed, reducing the time it takes to complete and the damage to your home, backyard or driveway.


  • Durable fix. The material used to reline the pipe is a tried and tested fix, with a life expectancy of up to fifty years.


  • Cost effective service. Due to the reduced manpower and less damage to surrounding areas pipe relining can be up to half the price of traditional repairs.

Alexandria tree root removal

Tree root damage is common in Alexandria due to its density of historic housing and plentiful foliage. This can often be discovered as a result of a blocked drain.


The Relining Company specialises in removal of tree roots that have infiltrated pipes, sewers or drains. We use a CCTV camera to inspect the damage and then remove the roots with a high pressure jet. We then use our pipe relining technique to repair the damage and let you get back to your everyday life.

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