The 5 main causes for blocked drains in Sydney 1

The 5 main causes for blocked drains in Sydney

The 5 main causes for blocked drains in Sydney 2


Sydney is a sprawling city with plenty of historic houses and green leafy suburbs. While beautiful and undoubtedly a great place to live, its properties often suffer from drainage issues due to housing design or simple lack of understanding for what might affect our pipes. To help identify what drainage issues your house might be susceptible to, here are the 5 main causes for blocked drains in Sydney.


Tree roots and debris clogging up your pipes

Sydney is an extremely green, leafy city and some of our popular trees such as large gum trees, jacarandas and fig trees have large root systems that can be extremely dangerous to our pipes. Roots are constantly looking for water and nutrients and can often grow into the small cracks found in old or badly designed drains. Once inside the roots expand and can cause severe damage and blockages.


Build up of small particles

Perhaps some of the most insidious culprits of drain blockages are particles that are either too small for us to realise they are causing a problem or too innocent to pay much attention to. Minerals and dirt can make their way into drainage systems either through hard water (water with a high mineral content) making its way into your pipes or from the dirt on your clothes when you do the washing. These sediments can build up over time in your pipes and cause severe reoccurring blockages.

Another issue can be with hair making its way down your drains from the shower or from shaving. While seemingly innocent these can get caught on their way down your pipes and start to build up, after a while stopping the flow of water.blocked sewer pipe


Grease and kitchen waste

Similar to mineral build up, grease is another common issue that can be easily overlooked. When we pour grease from cooking down the sink it combines with the minerals in water and creates a hard residue that sticks to the walls of our pipes. After some time this residue is thick and difficult to remove, causing drainage issues.

This can also happen with the grease from soap and is exacerbated by allowing other particles, such as food waste to flow down the drain, which can be difficult to dissolve and can easily get trapped in the grease build-up.


Foreign objects flushed down the toilet

If you have kids you might understand the frustration of blocked drains caused by foreign object being flushed down the toilet. However, apart from just toys or crayons, other, more innocent objects such as “flushable” nappies or wet wipes can also cause havoc with drainage systems. As a rule nothing should go down the toilet except human waste and toilet paper.


Pipes that need repair or replacement

Some of Sydney’s most beautiful homes were built before the 70s when clay pipes were a common choice for drainage systems. These pipes often have poorly fitted joins which allows tree roots to enter the structure. Other pipes have their own problems such as iron cast drains, which often suffer from rust build-up or even poorly fitted systems that cause issues due to poor workmanship. Regular maintenance can be key to recognising and repairing such issues before they become a major problem.


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