Lewisham Pipe Relining

The whole world is being driven by technological change and this is no different for our little corner of the plumbing sector. While this has brought on many changes, one factor remains the same, and that is the fact that damaged or blocked plumbing can be a serious inconvenience to our clients. Which is why at The Relining Company we have made it our focus to combine the benefits of technological advancements with the age old values of prompt, high quality, honest services to make our offering one of the best on the market today.

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Taking its name from the London suburb meaning “house amongst the meadows”, Lewisham has grants reaching back into the early 1800s. The proximity to the city, easy public transport combined with the suburban vibe means that it is one of the more sought after neighbourhoods to live in, in the Sydney area. Like any suburb with a long history Lewisham can benefit greatly from having access to a reliable plumbing provider that has the expertise to properly repair and maintain the area’s intricate plumbing system.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Lewisham include:



Lewisham Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a novel method of repairing pipes that doesn’t require excavation of the old plumbing. Instead, we use a small hole to reach the cracked or damaged pipe and then use air pressure to line the interior with a material called epoxy resin. This material hardens and repairs the damaged walls of the pipe.

This method comes with a host of advantages:


  • Trenchless solution. Pipe relining doesn’t require a trench, just a small keyhole, which makes it a much cleaner fix.
  • Longer lasting fix. Pipe reining is a quality repair which allows us to give a great 25 year guarantee on our work.
  • Quality at an affordable price. Pipe relining is affordable, costing as little as 50% of the price of pipe replacement.

Lewisham Tree Root Damage Pipe Repair

Tree roots are constantly looking for water, and if they find small holes in pipes they will do their best to infiltrate them, often causing severe damage along the way. The Relining Company uses a combination of technology and experience to deal with these issues often and efficiently throughout Lewisham. We clear out the roots using a high pressure jet and then repair the pipes using pipe relining, all without needing to dig up the tree or pipe.



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