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Manly Pipe Relining 1The Relining Company has built a name for itself in the pipe maintenance and repair market for its professional and innovative approach to plumbing services. Over 20 years of experience has given us the opportunity to learn what makes a tough, lasting repair and what innovations in technology can provide our customers with a better, faster way to treat their pipe and sewer issues.

Manly is a world apart from most Sydney suburbs, with its laid back lifestyle and focus on sun, surf and beach, it is also particularly susceptible to elemental and natural damage to pipe and drain infrastructure. Whether blocked drains caused by heavy debris or broken pipes exposed by root damage, having a reliable pipe maintenance and repair specialist is a must for anyone looking to safeguard their home.






Our blocked drain and pipe relining services in Manly include:

Best-in-class Pipe Repairs

While traditionally pipe repairs meant heavy digging to expose old pipes and replace them with newer ones, The Relining Company offers a faster, less invasive alternative that still provides an extremely durable fix.


Pipe relining is a cutting edge method of pipe repair which uses a pliable epoxy resin material to coat the walls of existing pipes. This material then sets to become a tough, durable replacement for your damaged pipe walls.

Some of the benefits of this method over traditional pipe replacement, include:


  • No need for excavation. The epoxy resin is introduced into the pipe via a small keyhole, meaning there is no need the excavate large portions of a house or backyard to fix even large sewer pipes.


  • Quality materials and lasting repairs. The epoxy resin material, Brawoliner, is formulated and manufactured in Germany, meaning that it must adhere to the tough requirements of the European Union and ensures a life expectancy of over 35 years.


  • A faster, cheaper fix. Not only is pipe relining often a more durable fix than pipe repair but it can be up to 50% cheaper and take significantly less time to complete than traditional methods.

Repairing damage cause by roots

Blocked drains can be caused by any number of factors including flushing nappies down the toilet, grease build-up from the kitchen and even sand from frequent trips down to Manly beach.


The Relining Company specialises in all types of blocked drain services, from a simple plunger or high strength acid wash to inspecting the damage by CCTV camera and using a high powered jet blast to remove the debris. We guarantee a fast, professional and effective response to your drainage issues.

Repairing damage cause by roots

Manly is a green, natural oasis from the concrete and noise of the city, however, this also comes with frequent problems with trees infiltrating old drainage pipes through their roots. Once a tree takes hold it can widen existing cracks and cause significant damage to sewers and pipes.


The Relining Company specialises in cleaning out and repairing this damage by employing a high-pressure jet to cut through the debris and then relining the damaged pipes with epoxy resin to ensure that the roots cannot take hold again.

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